Andrea Gatto, Ph.D.


PhD/European Doctorate in Economics, Statistics & Sustainability

MA in Development Economics (II level, Postgraduate) European

Master in EU Studies

MSc in Economics (Summa Cum Laude – 110/110, lode, menzione, pubblicazione)

BSc in Economics & Law


An economic scholar and business consultant, Prof. Gatto is Visiting Research Fellow and Lecturer at the Natural Resources Institute (NRI), the University of Greenwich. Andrea is also President of the CED – Center for Economic Development & Social Change and Deputy Director and Fellow at the Centre for Studies on the European Economy at UNEC. Andrea sits on several international peer-reviewed journals’ editorial boards (Q1-Q2).

Dr. Gatto has got a publication record in international peer-reviewed journals, including Energy Policy, Journal of Cleaner Production, Ecological Economics, Journal of Environmental Management, ocio-Economic Planning Sciences, Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management, Energy Research & Social Science and Journal of International Development.

He has conducted fieldwork and worked for longer appointments in 12 countries worldwide, including positions for the European Commission, CalPoly, CREATES – Aarhus University and the NCH at Northeastern University. He is fluent in Italian, English, French, and Portuguese, and speaks some Spanish.

Research Interests

  • Development Economics and Sustainability Studies;
  • Agriculture, Energy and Resource Policy and Regulation;
  • Composite Indicators;
  • Business Cycles Analysis and Law & Economics;
  • Vulnerability and Resilience;
  • Long-run Economic History and Archival Research;
  • Microfinance;
  • Fieldwork and mixed methods.

Teaching Portfolio

Development Economics; International Development; Data Collection & Research Design; Microeconomics (Introductory and Intermediate); Macroeconomics; Introduction to Economics; Economic Analysis of Projects; Entrepreneurship, Business Creation and Economic Development; Law & Economics; Environmental Law; Public (Economic) Law; Theory and Regulation of Finance; Business Governance and Ethics/CSR; Business Direction & Strategy; Economic History; Economic History of Developing Countries.

Prof. Gatto is now teaching ECON3021 Intermediate Microeconomics at WKU.

Selected Publications

Aldieri L, Gatto A, Vinci CP. Evaluation of energy resilience and adaptation policies: An energy efficiency analysis. Energy Policy. 2021 Oct 1;157:112505.

Ho YS, Gatto A. A bibliometric analysis of publications in Ambio in the last four decades. Environmental Science & Pollution Research. 2021.

Gatto A, Drago C. When renewable energy, empowerment, and entrepreneurship connect: Measuring energy policy effectiveness in 230 countries. Energy Research & Social Science. 2021 Aug 1;78:101977.

Sadik-Zada ER, Gatto A. The puzzle of greenhouse gas footprints of oil abundance. Socio-Economic Planning Sciences. 2021 Jun 1;75:100936.

Gatto A. A pluralistic approach to economic and business sustainability: A critical meta‐synthesis of foundations, metrics, and evidence of human and local development. Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management. 2020 Jul;27(4):1525-39.

Gatto A, Busato F. Energy vulnerability around the world: The Global Energy Vulnerability Index (GEVI). Journal of Cleaner Production, 2020.

Gatto A, Drago C. Measuring and modeling energy resilience. Ecological Economics. 2020 Jun 1;172:106527.

Gatto A, Drago C. A taxonomy of energy resilience. Energy Policy, 2020.

Agovino M, Cerciello M, Gatto A. Policy Efficiency in the Field of Food Sustainability. The Adjusted Food Agriculture and Nutrition Index. Journal of Environmental Management, 2018.

Gatto A. Historical roots of microcredit and usury: The role of Monti di Pietà in Italy and in the Kingdom of Naples in XV-XX centuries. Journal of International Development, 2018.