Dario Salerno, Ph.D.


PhD/European Doctorate in Management, track Banking and Finance – University of Rome Tor Vergata

MSc in Management and Finance (Summa Cum Laude – 110/110)

BSc in Business Economics


Dr. Dario Salerno is an Assistant Professor of Finance (with tenure) at the Wenzhou-Kean University. He was a Research Fellow of Banking and Finance at the department of management studies and quantitative methods of University of Naples “Parthenope”. In addition, Dario Salerno was teaching coordinator and tutor of the Master “Napoli FinTech Lab” at the University of Naples “Parthenope”. Dario Salerno holds a PhD with” European Doctorate Label “in Banking and Finance from the University of Rome Tor Vergata. In addition, Dario was a Research Scholar at the New York University – Stern School of Business and Colin Powell School, The City College of New York. He has also collaborated with Prince Sultan University by teaching classes for the CEO and financial manager on Corporate Governance, IPOs, Venture Capital and Trade rises within the Elite program of the Saudi Stock Exchange. Dario Salerno also served as a consultant at Prince Sultan University for businesses that were part of the Saudi Stock Exchange’s Elite program. Furthermore, Dario Salerno was a consultant for the issues concerning Investment risk profiling and FinTech and InsurTech for the Italian Banking Association (ABI).

He is a member of the American Finance Association (AFA), the Italian Association of Banking and Finance Professors (ADEIMF), the Italian Academy of Business Administration (AIDEA), and the Italian Association of Econometrics. His main research focuses on financial institutions and markets, empirical corporate finance, bank-firm relationship with special attention to SMEs, corporate social responsibility, entrepreneurial finance and private equity, bankruptcy and financial distress. His work has been published in international academic journals such as Journal of Financial Stability, Finance Research Letters, International Review of Financial Analysis, Sustainability, Bancaria, Journal of Asia Business Studies and Journal of Family Business Management.

He has served as a reviewer for scientific journals, like International Review of Financial Analysis, Journal of Asia Business Studies and Socio Economic Planning Sciences. He is in the Editorial Advisory Board of Journal of Asia Business Studies.

Research Interests

  • Financial Institutions and Markets;
  • Empirical Corporate Finance;
  • Bank-Firm Relationship;
  • Entrepreneurial Finance and Private Equity;
  • Innovation;
  • Bankruptcy and Financial Distress;
  • FinTech
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and ESG aspects.

Selected Publications

Meles, A., Salerno, D. (2021). The Impact of Shareholder Activism on Target Firms’ Performance: The case of Hedge Funds. Rivista Bancaria – Minerva Bancaria, Vol. 3, pp. 47-73.

Meles, A., Salerno, D., Sampagnaro, G., Fu, M. (2021). The Going-Public Decision and Firm Risk. Journal of Financial Stability, forthcoming.

Salerno, D., Sampagnaro, G., Verdoliva, V. (2021). Fintech and IPO Underpricing: an explorative study. Finance Research Letters, forthcoming.

Salerno, D. (2021). The Impact of Initial Public Offerings on Firms’ Performance: Disentangling Treatment from Self-Selection Effects. Journal of Applied Finance & Banking, Vol. 11(4), pp. 1-33.

Salerno, D., Gangi, F., Meles, A., Daniele, L.M., Varrone, N. (2021). The Evolution of Sustainable Investments and Finance – Theoretical Perspectives and New Challenges. Palgrave Macmillan.

Fera, P., Meles, A., Moscariello, N., Salerno, D. (2020). Does the Financial Reporting Quality reduce the Cost of Debt? A comparison between Central-Northern and Southern Italian SMEs. Bancaria, forthcoming.

Salerno, D. (2020). How National Culture Affects IPO decisions? Evidence from Europe and Asia. Journal of Asia Business Studies, Vol 15(3), pp 457-483.

Meles, A., Salerno, D. (2020). Abnormal operating performance in IPOs: Does public float matter? International Review of Financial Analysis, Vol. 71, pp. 101523.

Gangi, F. Salerno, D., Meles, A., Daniele, L.M. (2019). Do Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Governance Influence Intellectual Capital Efficiency? Sustainability, Vol. 11(7), pp. 1899.

Salerno, D. (2019). Does the private equity financing improve performance in family SMEs? Journal of Family Business Management, Vol. 9(1), pp. 110-124.