Junjie Deng, Ph.D.


  1. 2001.9-2005.6 B. S. in Polymer Materials and Engineering, College of Chemistry, Xiangtan University, Xiangtan, China
  2. 2005.9-2008.6 M. S. in Polymer Chemistry and Physics, College of Chemistry, Xiangtan University, Xiangtan, China
  3. 2008.9-2011.6 Ph. D. in Polymer Chemistry and Physics, Institute of Polymer Science, School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou, China

Research Fields

I’m interested in fabricating human cells or tissues-derived hydrogel scaffolds with the desired micro- and macroscopic structures, investigating the biomaterials-immune cells interactions for reducing immune elimination and rejection of biomaterials in skin and kindey allograft applications, developing materials-based techniques to control stem cells differentiation to participate in wound healing and cartilage regeneration. Besides, I’m also interested in developing bio-responsive micro/nano-gel as cytokine carrier for cancer immunotherapy or autoimmune disease therapy.

Research Experience

  1. 2011. 7-2013.12 Postdoctoral Associate (Advisor: Yuanli Cai)
    Department of Polymer Science and Engineering, College of Chemistry,
    Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, Soochow University, Suzhou, China
  2. 2014. 2-2016.2 Postdoctoral Associate (Advisor: Hao Cheng)
    Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA, United States
  3. 2016.3-2017.5 Postdoctoral Associate (Advisor: Ming Su)
    Department of Chemical Engineering, Northeastern University, Boston,
    MA, United States
  4. 2017.6-present Professor
    Wenzhou Institute, University of Chinese Academy Sciences, Wenzhou,
    Zhengjiang, China

Selected Publications

  1. Ji Wang, Xia Wu, Peng Shen, Jun Wang, Yidan Shen, Yan Shen, Thomas J. Webster*, Junjie Deng*, Applications of Inorganic Nanomaterials in Photothermal Therapy Based Combinational Cancer Treatment.(Review) International Journal of Nanomedicine, 2020, Accepted.
  2. Ru Wang†, Junjie Deng†, Dongsheng He, Ershuang Yang, Wenqian Yang, Di Shi, Yanni Jiang, Zijie Qiu, Thomas J. Webster, Yan Shen, PEGylated hollow gold nanoparticles for combined X-ray radiation and photothermal therapy in vitro and enhanced CT imaging in vivo. Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology, and Medicine, 2019, 16, 195-205.(† Authors contributed equally to this work)
  3. Zhiyuan Fan†, Junjie Deng†, Peter Y. Li, Daphney R. Chery, Yunfei Su, Pu Zhu, Taku Kambayashi, Elizabeth P. Blankenhorn, Lin Han, Hao Cheng, A new class of biological materials: Cell membrane-derived hydrogel scaffolds. Biomaterials, 2019, 197, 244-254.(† Authors contributed equally to this work)
  4. Junjie Deng,* Xiaojie Xun, Wenjun Zheng, Yunfei Sun, Liyuan Zheng, Chenfei Wang, Ming Su, Sequential delivery of bismuth nanoparticles and doxorubicin by injectable macroporous hydrogel for combined kilovoltage X-ray radio- and chemo-therapy of breast cancer. J. Mater. Chem. B, 2018, 6, 7966-7973.
  5. Junjie Deng, Shandong Xu, Weike Hu, Xiaojie Xun, Liyuan Zheng, Ming Su, Tumor targeted, stealthy and degradable bismuth nanoparticles for enhanced X ray radiation therapy of breast cancer. Biomaterials, 2018, 154, 24-33.
  6. Hao Zhou, Zhiyuan Fan, Peter Y. Li, Junjie Deng, Dimitrios C. Arhontoulis, Christopher Y. Li, Wilbur B. Bowne, Hao Cheng, Dense and dynamic polyethylene glycol shells cloak nanoparticles from uptake by liver endothelial cells for long blood circulation. ACSNano, 2018, 12, 10130-10141.
  7. Li Jiao, Qingxuan Li, Junjie Deng, Nsikak Okosi, Junfei Xia, Ming Su, Nanocellulose templated growth of ultra-small bismuth nanoparticles for enhanced radiation therapy. Nanoscale, 2018, 10, 6751-6757.
  8. Zhiyuan Fan, Peter Y. Li, Junjie Deng, Stephen C. Bady, Hao Cheng, Cell membrane coating for reducing nanoparticle-induced inflammatory responses to scaffold constructs. Nano Research, 2018,11, 5573-5583.
  9. Guan-Hai Wang, Guo-Liang Huang, Yi Zhao, Xing-Xiang Pu, Tong Li, Jun-Jie Deng*, Jian-Tao Lin*, ATP triggered drug release and DNA co-delivery systems based on the ATP responsive aptamers and polyethylenimine complexes. J. Mater. Chem. B, 2016, 4, 3832-3841.
  10. Hao Zhou, Zhiyuan Fan, Junjie Deng, Pelin K. Lemons, Dimitrios C. Arhontoulis, Wilbur B. Bowne, Hao Cheng, Hyaluronidase embedded in nanocarrier PEG shell for enhanced tumor penetration and highly efficient antitumor efficacy. Nano Lett. 2016, 16, 3268-3277.
  11. Junjie Deng, Yuanli Cai, Botryoid-shaped reactive nanoparticles through spontaneous structural reorganization of terpolymer micelles. Macromol. Rapid Commun., 2013, 34, 1459-1463.
  12. Bin Liang,† Junjie Deng,† Wei Li, Li-ming Zhang, Cong Gao, Efficient gene transfection in the neurotypic cells by star-shaped polymer consisting of β cyclodextrin core and poly (amidoamine) dendron arms. Carbohydrate Polymers, 2013, 94, 185-192. († Authors contributed equally to this work)
  13. Junjie Deng, Na Li, Kaijin Mai, Chuan Yang, Li Yan, Li-Ming Zhang, Star-shaped polymers consisting of β-cyclodextrin core and poly(amidoamine) dendron arms: Binding and release studies with methotrexate and siRNA. J. Mater. Chem., 2011, 21, 5273-5281.
  14. Junjie Deng, Ying Luo, Li-ming Zhang, PEGylated polyamidoamine dendron assisted encapsulation of plasmid DNA into in-situ forming supramolecular hydrogel. Soft Matter, 2011, 7, 5944-5947.
  15. Junjie Deng,† Yanfang Zhou,† Bo Xu, Kaijin Mai, Yubin Deng, Li-Ming Zhang, Dendronized chitosan derivative as a biocompatible gene delivery carrier. Biomacromolecules, 2011, 12, 642-649. († Authors contributed equally to this work)
  16. Jun Sun, Yifeng Peng, Ying Chen, Yu Liu, Junjie Deng, Lican Lu, Yuanli Cai, Effect of molecular structure on thermoresponsive behaviors of pyrrolidone based water-soluble polymers. Macromolecules, 2010, 43, 4041-4049.
  17. Junjie Deng, Yi Shi, Wending Jiang, Yifeng Peng, Lican Lu, Yuanli Cai, Facile synthesis and thermo-responsive behaviors of a well-defined pyrrolidone based hydrophilic polymer. Macromolecules, 2008, 41, 3007-3014.
  18. Haijia Zhang, Junjie Deng, Lican Lu, Yuanli Cai, Ambient-temperature RAFT polymerization of styrene and its functional derivatives under mild long-wave UV-vis radiation. Macromolecules, 2007, 40, 9252-9261.

Book chapter

Junjie Deng, Peter Y. Li, Hao Cheng. CHAPTER 10: Advances of Smart Materials for Wound Healing. Applications of Smart Materials in Tissue Engineering, 2017, The Royal Society of Chemistry Publication.


  1. Junjie Deng, Kaijin Mai, Li-Ming Zhang, Dendronized chitosan derivative and its preparation method, China Patent, ZL 201010515991.9
  2. Junjie Deng, Kaijin Mai, Li-Ming Zhang, Amphiphilic dendronized chitosan derivative and its preparation method and application, China Patent, ZL 201110156977.9

Seminars & Presentations

  1. Junjie Deng*, Shanshan Yuan, Jilong Wang, Engineering human cells-derived macroporous hydrogel for macrophage modulation, The mainland, taiwan, hong kong and Macao Biomaterials, 2020, Shanghai, China, Invited Presentation.
  2. Junjie Deng*, Liyuan Zhang, Xiaojie Xun, Shanshan Yuan, In vivo modulation of macrophage phenotype by erythrocyte membrane-based macroporous hydrogel, National Biomaterials Conference, 2019, Dalian, China, Oral Presentation.
  3. Junjie Deng, Seng-Kah Ng, Ming Su*, Erythrocyte membrane coated Bismuth Nanoparticles for Enhanced X-ray Radiation Therapy, Biomedical Engineering Society, 2016, Minneapolis, USA, Poster Presentation.
  4. Junjie Deng, Li-Ming Zhang*, Yuanli Cai*, Dendronized chitosan derivatives as gene and drug carriers, National Symposium for Polymer Science, 2011, Dalian, China, Poster Presentation.
  5. Junjie Deng, Li-Ming Zhang*, Star-shaped polymers consisting of β-cyclodextrin
    core and poly(amidoamine) dendron arms as a efficient siRNA delivery carrier, National Biomaterials Conference, 2010, Chengdu, China, Oral Presentation.

Awards and Funding

  1. National Nature Science Foundation of China (31971260)
  2. Zhejiang Provincial Natural Science Funds for Distinguished Young Scholar (LR20C100001)
  3. Zhejiang Provincial Natural Science Foundation of China (LY19C100002)
  4. Key Laboratory of Orthopaedics of Zhejiang Province (Grant No: ZJGK1804Y)
  5. Wenzhou Scientific Research Project (Y20190136)
  6. Seed grant from Wenzhou Institute, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (WIUCASQD2019004)
  7. China Postdoctoral Science Foundation (2012M511314)
  8. The Principal Award of President, XiangTan University, 2008
  9. Fulan’s Excellent Research Paper Award, Sun Yat-sen University, 2011.