Imran Yousaf, Ph.D.


PhD in Finance, 2020

M.Phil. in Economics and Finance, 2014

BBA (Hons) in Finance, 2012


Dr. Imran Yousaf joined College of Business and Public Management in 2022. He received his Doctoral degree in Finance from the Capital University of Science and Technology. He has six and half years of full-time teaching experience using the case study pedagogy. He spent some time in the Health service industry and State Bank of Pakistan before joining as a faculty member.

He has published his research in peer-reviewed academic journals, such as Energy Economics, Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions & Money, International Review of Financial Analysis, Finance Research Letters, Pacific-Basin Finance Journal, Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Finance, Research in International Business and Finance, Global Finance Journal, International Journal of Emerging Markets, Financial Innovation, and Resources Policy etc. His research work has been features in the ‘Institutional Investors’ financial magazine. He is serving as an Editorial Board Member for the Annals of Financial Economics. He has published several case studies at Ivey publishing.

Research Interests

  • FinTech & Cryptocurrencies
  • Financial Market’s Connectedness
  • Hedging & Portfolio management
  • Contagion & Financial Crisis
  • Behavioral finance
  • Corporate Finance for family firms


Yousaf, I., Suleman, M. T., & Demirer, R. (2022). Green investments: A luxury good or a financial necessity?. Energy Economics, 105, 105745. (SSCI, Impact factor 7.042, ABDC A*, ABS 3)

Youaf, I., Nekhili, R., & Gubareva, M. (2022). Linkages between DeFi assets and conventional currencies: Evidence from the COVID-19 pandemic. International Review of Financial Analysis. 81, 102082. (SSCI, Impact factor 5.373, ABDC A, ABS 3)

Mensi, W., Yousaf, I., Vo, X. V., & Kang, S. H. (2021). Asymmetric spillover and network connectedness between Gold, Brent oil, and EU subsector markets. Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions & Money. 76, 101487. (SSCI, Impact factor 4.211, ABDC A, ABS 3)

Yousaf, I., & Hassan, A. (2019). Linkages between crude oil and emerging Asian stock markets: new evidence from the Chinese stock market crash. Finance Research Letters31, 207-217. (SSCI, Impact factor 5.596, ABDC A, ABS 2)

Yousaf, I., & Yarovaya, L. (2022). Spillovers between the Islamic gold-backed cryptocurrencies and equity markets during the COVID-19: A sectorial analysis. Pacific Basin Finance Journal. 71(1), 101705. (SSCI, Impact factor 2.514, ABDC A, ABS 2)

Umar, Z., Yousaf, I., & Aharon, D. (2021). The relationship between yield curve components and equity sectorial indices: Evidence from China. Pacific Basin Finance Journal. 68(4), 101591. (SSCI, Impact factor 2.514, ABDC A, ABS 2)

Umar, Z., Yousaf, I., Gubareva, M., & Vo, X. V. (2022). Spillover and risk transmission between the term structure of the US interest rates and Islamic equities. Pacific Basin Finance Journal. 72, 101712. (SSCI, Impact factor 2.514, ABDC A, ABS 2)

Yousaf, I., Beljid, M., Chaibi, A., & Ajlouni, A. A. (2022). Do volatility spillover and hedging among GCC stock markets and global factors vary from normal to turbulent periods? Evidence from the global financial crisis and Covid-19 pandemic crisis. Pacific Basin Finance Journal. 101764. (SSCI, Impact factor 2.514, ABDC A, ABS 2)

Naeem, M. A., Yousaf, I., Karim, S., Farid, S., & Tiwari, A. K. (2022). Asymmetric efficiency in regional Environmental, Social and Governance investments pre and during COVID-19. Economic Modelling. (Forthcoming) (SSCI, Impact factor 3.127, ABDC A, ABS 2)

Yousaf, I., & Yarovaya, L. (2022). Static and dynamic connectedness between NFTs, Defi and other assets: portfolio implication. Global Finance Journal, 100719. (SSCI, ABDC A, ABS 2)

Umar, Z., Gubareva, M., Yousaf, I., & Ali, S. (2021). A tale of company fundamentals vs sentiment driven pricing: The case of GameStop. Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Finance. 30, 100501. (SSCI, ABDC A)

Yousaf, I. (2020). Risk transmission from the COVID-19 to metals and energy markets. Resources Policy, 73(7), 102156. (SSCI, Impact factor 5.634, ABS 2)

Case Studies

Yousaf, I., Li, F., & Nawaz, A. (2021). Identifying Industries through Financial Statement Analysis: Pakistan 2017. Ivey ID: 9B21B012. Canada: Ivey Publishing.

Yousaf, I., Li, F., & Nawaz, A. (2021). Anwal Gas Traders: Capital Budgeting for Expansion Project. Ivey ID: W25080. Canada: Ivey publishing.

Li, F., Yousaf, I., & Nawaz, A. (2021). Identifying Industries: Financial Statement Analysis and Financial Ratio Analysis. Ivey ID: W25421_P. Canada: Ivey publishing.

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