James Tarwood

Educational Background

MA in English from Southern Illinois University.  Thesis:  “Rhetoric and Community: Persuasion in the Professions.”


James Tarwood was born in the United States, but has spent most of his career abroad, teaching in Kenya, Turkey, Yemen, Colombia, the United Arab Emirates, and now China.  As well as being an English professor, he has a practical background in applied media.  He has been the faculty advisor for VOK, the college radio, since his arrival at WKU.


Eng 1300; ENG 1430; ENG 3090; ENG 3091; ENG 2403


What The Waking See. BrickHouse Press. 2017
And For The Mouth A Flower. BrickHouse Press, 2014
Grand Detour. Black Buzzard Press, 2007
The Cats In Zanzibar. Bookends Press. 2004

Research interests

Orality and literature; oral history; poetry, contemporary and canonical.

Selected Publications/scholarly and creative work


The Sublime Way

What the Waking See

And for the Mouth a Flower

Grand Detour

The Cats in Zanzibar

Oral history productions supervised


A Change of Venue

Streets of Wenzhou


Through Emirati Eyes

Hala Kazim


The Fisherman

The Last Man of Wadi Wurayah