Tao Li, Ph.D.

Education and Research Experience

  1. 2019/11-persent            Associate Professor in Wenzhou Institute
  2. 2016/11- 2019/11          Postdoctoral fellow in the Institute of Physics (IoP), Chinese Academy of Sciences (co-work with Prof. Jure Dobnikar)
  3. 2015/10- 2016/10         Postdoctoral fellow in the Edinburgh Soft Matter group
  4. 2012/09- 2016/04        PhD in Soft Matter & Biological Physics, University of Edinburgh (supervisor: Dr. Paul Clegg)
  5. 2009/09- 2012/07        M.S. in Optics, Laboratory of Photonic Information Technology South China Normal University (supervisor: Prof. Lijun Wu)

Academic Research Experience

  1. 2017/06–present         Preparation and applications of multiple immiscible-liquid materials.
  2. 2017/06–2019/04       The creation of long-term stable Janus Pickering Emulsions [1].
  3. 2016/11–2018/07        Viscosity effects on the morphology involution during phase de-mixing in complex fluid systems [2].
  4. 2015/10–2016/10        Creation of Bicontinuous Interfacially Jammed Emulsion Gels (Bijels) at room temperature by direct mixing [4, 6].
  5. 2012/09–2016/04       Synthesize FeOOH  micro-rods with different aspect ratios, cover the rods   with silica coat and convert them into magnetic rods (Fe3O4). Study the behavior of these iron micro-rods at air-water interface (with or without magnetic field) [3, 7]. Self-assemble naphthalene dipeptides at the air-water interface. Create a 2D elastic hydrogel film. Create a wet foam system with a long-term stability (two weeks), which is stabilized by the hydrogel film [8, 10].
  6. 2009/09–2012/07       Synthesize Au nanorods with different aspect ratios. Correlate the defocused images of Au nanorods with their three-dimensional spatial orientations; Study the fluorescent properties of individual Au nanospheres [5, 9, 11-13].


Soft matter & Optics

Research Funding and Prize

  1. 2019/08    Young Scientists Fund of the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No.11904390)
  2. 2018/06    China Postdoctoral Science Foundation (Grant No. 2018T110150)
  3. 2017/11    China Postdoctoral Science Foundation (Grant No. 2017M620946)
  4. 2016/11    International postdoc for IoP, CAS.
  5. 2014/07    UK colloids, London. Poster Prize.

Teaching Assistant

  1. 2013/09~2013/11          Physics 1A (workshop)
  2. 2013/02~2013/04         Physics 1B (lab demonstrator)

Teaching Plans

  1. Research Introduction for undergraduates. By reading and analyzing 10 distinguished publications/literatures, this course will systematically introduce scientific research to undergraduate students, including some basic scientific concepts, research methods, spirits and how to read and write scientific papers. The course involves Physics, Chemistry, Biology and their interdisciplinary and therefore suits the students in all science majors. This course will be taken primarily through group discussions.
  2. Research Guidance for graduates. This course will focus on some real opportunities/problems that graduate students may face in their projects. By introducing/analyzing 5-6 scientific hot issues and difficult points, the students will learn how to overcome the difficulties and puzzles in science. The course will be carried out combining with real scientific


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