Yuanjin Zhao, Ph.D.


赵远锦,教授,博导,于2006年获得东南大学临床医学学士学位;2009年到2010年到哈佛大学David A. Weitz 教授(美国三院院士)实验室学习;2011年毕业于东南大学,获工学博士学位,并留校工作。2012年破格晋升为副研究员;2013年入选教育部“新世纪优秀人才支持计划”、江苏省“六大人才高峰”资助计划;2014年获“江苏省杰出青年基金”;2015年破格晋升为研究员、特聘教授,获“国家优秀青年基金”、“中国化学会青年化学奖”;2016年入选“江苏省333高层次人才培养工程”;2017年入选“中国新锐科技人物”;2018年入选英国皇家化学会(RSC)的Fellow、科技部中青年科技领军人才;2019年入选国家“万人计划”科技创新领军人才。

现在的主要研究方向有生物材料与组织工程、仿生器官与器官芯片、微流控等。已发表SCI论文189篇,其中70篇影响因子10以上,论文被引用6300余次(H因子为42);第一作者和通讯作者论文包括Science Robotics; Science Advances(5篇); Nature Protocols; PNAS(2篇); Adv. Mater.(10篇); JACS(3篇); Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.(2篇); Adv. Funct. Mater.(9篇); Adv. Sci.; Nati. Sci. Rev.; Mater. Horiz.(3篇); ACS Nano(3篇); Small(15篇)以及Chem. Rev.; Chem. Soc. Rev.; Acc. Chem. Res.; Mater. Today等148篇,影响因子之和大于1520;研究成果共申请专利75项,授权32项,其中转化2项。

Zhao graduated from Southeast University with a bachelor’s degree of clinical medicine in 2006. He further studied in the School of Biological Science & Medical Engineering at Southeast University and joined the laboratory of Professor David A. Weitz at Harvard University from 2009 to 2010, and then graduated from Southeast University in 2011. Zhao was selected into the “New Century Talent Support Program” of the Ministry of education and the “Six Talent Peaks Project” of Jiangsu Province in 2013. In 2014, he was awarded the “Jiangsu Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars”. In 2015, Zhao won the “National Excellent Youth Fund” and “young Chemistry Award of China Chemical Society”. In 2016, he was selected as “333 High Level Talents Training Project in Jiangsu Province”. In 2017, he was selected as “Chinese New and Cutting-edge Scientific and Technological Figures”. In 2018, he was selected for the Young and Middle-aged Leading Talents in Science and Technology of the Ministry of science and technology and the Fellow of Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC). In 2019, he was selected as the national “Ten thousand Talents Program” Scientific and Technological Innovation Leader. Now the main research interests are biomaterials and tissue engineering, bionic organ chip, microfluidic, etc. And more than 220 SCI papers have been published, of which more than 90 have been published in international authoritative journals with IF greater than 10. The sum of the IF of papers is more than 2200 and cited more than 7800 times (H factor 47). The first or corresponding author papers include 7 nature or science sub journals, 4 PNAs papers, 16 Adv. Mater., JACS, Angew, Chem. Rev., Chem. Soc. Rew. and Accounts papers, etc. There are 102 items of patents, 41 items of authorization and 2 items of transfer.


  1. 2001.09 ~ 2006.06, Southeast University, Clinical Medicine, Bachelor of Medicine
  2. 2006.09 ~ 2011.03, Southeast University, Biomedical Engineering, Doctor of Engineering
  3. 2009.09 ~ 2010.09, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Harvard University, Researcher scholar

Academic Experience

  1. 2016, Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Letters Associate, editor
  2. 2017, Chinese society of biomaterials, Board member
  3. 2018, China Medical Equipment Association, Standing committee member
  4. 2018, Chinese society of rehabilitation medicine, Board member
  5. 2018, Jiangsu Young Science and Technology Workers Association, member
  6. 2018, Royal Society of Chemistry(RSC), Fellow
  7. 2019, Journal of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Executive Board Members
  8. 2019, Science Bulletin, Executive Board Members
  9. 2019, Materials Express, Associate editor
  10. 2020, China Association for science and technology, Research, Associate editor
  11. 2020, Bio-Design and Manufacturing, Associate editor
  12. 2020, Smart Materials in Medicine, Associate editor
  13. 2020, Bioactive Materials, Associate editor

Research Interests

  1. Micro- and nano-structured biomedical materials (micro-nano-scale functional biomaterials are prepared for drug sustained release and tissue engineering by means of microfluidic technology, combined with microprocessing, etc.)
  2. Biomimetic intelligent interface materials (using organisms in nature as models to develop functional interface materials with biomimetic structures for biosensing and interface infiltration studies)
  3. Bionic organ chips (based on micro-nano structural materials, combined with microfluidic technology, construct organ chips such as heart, liver, tumor, etc., for drug evaluation application)

Selected Research Publications

  1. Sun LY, Yu YR, Chen ZY, Bian FK, Ye FF*, Sun LY*, Zhao YJ*. Biohybrid robotics actuated by living cells. Chemical Society Reviews 2020, 49, 4043-4069. (IF:42.846)
  2. Dai BY, Sun ML, Yu YR, Lu CH*, Kou JH*, Zhao YJ*, Xu ZZ. Construction of Infrared-light-responsive Photoinduced Carriers Driver for Enhanced Photocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution. Advanced Materials 2020, 32, 1906361. (IF: 27.398)
  3. Wang H, Liu YX, Chen ZY, Sun LY, Zhao YJ*. Anisotropic structural color particles from colloidal phase separation. Science Advances 2020, 6, eaay1438. (IF: 13.116)
  4. Wang Y, Shang LR, Chen GP, Sun LY, Zhang XX, Zhao YJ*. Bio-inspired structural color patch with anisotropic surface adhesion. Science Advances 2020, 6, eaax8258. (IF:13.116)
  5. Sun LY, Chen ZY, Bian FK, Zhao YJ*. Bio-inspired soft robotic caterpillar with cardiomyocyte drivers. Advanced Functional Materials 2020, 30, 1907820. (IF: 16.836)
  6. Wang Y, Yu YR, Guo JH, Zhang ZH, Zhang XX, Zhao YJ*. Bio-inspired stretchable, adhesive, and conductive structural color film for visually flexible electronics. Advanced Functional Materials 2020, 30, 2000151. (IF: 16.836)
  7. Li LJ, Chen ZY, Shao CM, Sun LY, Sun LY*, Zhao YJ*. Graphene hybrid anisotropic structural color film for cardiomyocytes monitoring. Advanced Functional Materials 2020, 30, 1906353. (IF: 16.836)
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  9. Cai LJ, Wang H, Yu YR, Bian FK, Wang Y, Shi KQ*, Ye FF*, Zhao YJ*. Stomatocyte Structural color barcode micromotors for multiplex assays. National Science Review 2020, 7, 644-651. (IF: 16.693)
  10. Zhang XX, Chen GP, Liu YX, Sun LY, Sun LY*, Zhao YJ*. Black phosphorus-loaded separable microneedles as responsive oxygen-delivery carriers for wound healing. ACS Nano 2020, 14, 5901-5908. (IF: 14.588)
  11. Gong YQ, Chen ZY, Yang L, Ai XF, Yan BQ, Wang HJ, Qiu LY, Tan Y, Witman N, Wang W*, Zhao YJ*, Fu W*. Real-time visual monitoring of iPSC cardiac differentiation with heart-on-a-chip. ACS Nano 2020, in press. (IF: 14.588)
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  15. Gao W, Wang J, Zhang XX, Sun LY, Chen YP*, Zhao YJ*. Electric-tunable wettability on a paraffin-infused slippery pattern surface. Chemical Engineering Journal 2020, 381, 122612. (IF: 10.652)
  16. Guo JH, Yu YR, Sun LY, Zhang ZH, Zhao YJ*, Chai RJ*, Shi KQ*. Bio-inspired multicomponent carbon nanotube microfibers from microfluidic spinning for supercapacitor. Chemical Engineering Journal 2020, 397, 125517. (IF: 10.652)
  17. Zou MH, Zhao X, Zhang XX, Sun LY, Zhao YJ*, Zhang CW*, Shi KQ*. Bio-inspired multiple composite film with anisotropic surface wettability and adhesion for tissue repair. Chemical Engineering Journal 2020, 398, 125563. (IF: 10.652)
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Honors And Awards

  1. 2013, “New Century Talent Support Program” of the Ministry of education 2013, “Six Talent Peaks” funding program of Jiangsu Province
  2. 2014, “Outstanding Youth Fund of Jiangsu Province”.
  3. 2015, “National Excellent Youth Fund” (10 persons / year)
  4. 2015, “Young Chemistry Award of China Chemical Society”.
  5. 2016, “333 High Level Talents Training Project in Jiangsu Province”.
  6. 2017, “Chinese New and Cutting-edge Scientific and Technological Figures”.
  7. 2018, Young and Middle-aged Leading Talents in Science and Technology of the Ministry of science and technology
  8. 2018, Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) Fellow.
  9. 2019, national “Ten thousand Talents Program” Scientific and Technological Innovation Leader
  10. 2020, Chinese Chemical Society – Evonik Chemical Innovation Award (outstanding young scientist)

Research Projects

Research on flow coding chip for detection of cross level tumor markers Jiangsu Science and Technology Department Project [provincial support plan (Social Development)]
Study on liquid phase cell chip based on multifunctional coding microcarriers National Natural Science Foundation of China
Detection of unlabeled multivariate biomarkers based on photonic crystal microcapsules Project of Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Department
Development of multifunctional photonic crystal liquid chip technology Other cities in Jiangsu Province
Preparation of multifunctional photonic crystal coding carrier based on microfluidic technology and its application in Bioanalysis Jiangsu Science and Technology Department Project [provincial support plan (Social Development)]