Library Mission Statement

2015 – 2020 

Updates: May 25, 2015


A University Library is an intellectual and educational symbol and repository, the heart of the knowledge available on a campus. The digital library era has expanded the university library’s mission: to connect readers and learners with global repositories of knowledge and culture from every corner of the digitally-connected world. While the library building houses a considerable collection of print books, journals, and newspapers, discovering the best or most useful information in the digital universe requires the development of information skill building in both students and faculty.


The Library will be the core academic accelerator of learning and research support, providing users with innovative collections and services, delivered any place and any time.


The library delivers knowledge resources and information skills for life-long learning and academic success.

Core Values

Student-Centered: We recognize students and their information needs as our primary focus, and their accomplishments with library resources and services are the measurement of library success.
Customer Service: We practice proactive customer service and seek student satisfaction on their own terms.
Consensus-Driven: We are innovative and pragmatic and encourage both open communication and respect for alternative viewpoints.
Library Education: We support teaching, learning, research and scholarship, with an emphasis on library user self-mastery and skill development.
Privacy: We respect and protect user privacy in both facilities and communication systems.
Cultural Sensitivity: We practice cultural neutrality which recognizes and respects the cultural attributes that students value and assert the values of mutual respect and dialogue to resolve differences.
Innovative: We aspire to be a flexible and courageous Library organization that encourages innovation and staff collaboration.

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