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Welcome to Wenzhou-Kean University Library. We devote ourselves to our community’s intellectual and academic development through the Library’s resources and services. We recognize that the quality of the service we provide is our top priority which motivates us to be better in every way.

Our collections range from print books to digital resources and electronic databases. Over the last few years, we have made great efforts to expand our resources, and we will continue to do so. University libraries face the intimidating challenges of digital access and we have a strong responsibility to introduce progressive digital resources and systems to help manage and disseminate information and knowledge.

In September 2022, we are looking to open our brand-new world-class library facility at the center of the WKU campus which will be a significant step in our growth as an institution. Looking forward, we strive to provide the highest quality of content, resources, and services to our faculty, staff, and students, and we look forward to serving your academic needs in the years to come.

Access  Service

GU Mengmeng (Zoe)
Acting Head of Access Service

Email: gumengmeng@wku.edu.cn

HU Linxiao (Wolfgan)
Access Service Specialist

Email: hulinxiao@wku.edu.cn

XIA Xiuhui
Access Service Technician

Email: xiaxiuhui@wku.edu.cn

CAI Yingying
Access Service Technician

Email: caiyingying@wku.edu.cn

ZHOU Hemin
Access Service Technician

Email: zhouhemin@wku.edu.cn

Resources Management

REN Yuanyuan (Yoyo)
Head of Resources Management

Email: renyuanyuan@wku.edu.cn

DONG Ziyan (Candy)
Acquisition & Cataloging Specialist

Email: dongziyan@wku.edu.cn

CHEN Mengjing (Christine)
Acquisition & Cataloging Specialist

Email: chenmengjing@wku.edu.cn

DONG Shuai (Dawson)
Library System Specialist

Email: dongshuai@wku.edu.cn

ZHOU Shuxian (Sally)
Digital Service Specialist

Email: zhoushuxian@wku.edu.cn

Research Service

Acting Library Director
Associate Librarian
Email: yangle@wku.edu.cn

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Library Service Desk:

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