WKU Library Subject Liaison Program

While establishing regular communication between library faculty and Wenzhou-Kean academic Colleges and program departments regarding services and collections, this program provides faculty and staff more opportunities to share ideas and express concerns.  In addition, it improves the Wenzhou-Kean University Library’s ability to provide services and collections that meet the curricular needs of the Colleges and academic program units, such as the Chinese Curriculum Center and the English Language Center.

Subject Liaisons & Designated Department

Library Subject Liaison Responsibilities

  • Develop optimal communication strategies with assigned academic Colleges and program units.
  • Meet on a regular basis, at least once every academic semester, with the leadership of the assigned academic unit.
  • Attend College or Program meetings when requested.
  • Solicit library collection and subscription requests.
  • Offer opportunities for Library instruction on the library systems and digital library resources.
  • Describe opportunities for research assistance
  • Promote new services managed by the Library
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Library Service Desk:

WKU - GEH A301

+86 577 5587 0600


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