Wenzhou-Kean University Intellectual Research Environment (WIRE) is the digital Institutional Repository (IR) of the Wenzhou-Kean University (WKU). Launched on July 19, 2019 as an initiative by the University Library, WIRE aims to collect, preserve, and provide online access to the research output of WKU to the world, and through this, maximize the research visibility, usage, and impact of WKU researchers’ works.

As a key vehicle of WKU’s knowledge repository center, the material types will include, but not limited to, journal articles, technical reports, conference papers and presentations, theses and dissertations, images, audio, videos, and datasets. At the current stage WIRE serves to collect and publish students’ graduation projects and faculty’s research.

In addition, WIRE is also an online platform that brings together a whole range of institutional research activities, including research projects, grants, people, and organizations into one place. Researcher profiles are created to showcase the publications, research interests, activities and academic achievement of WKU researchers.

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