Mr.Wang Beijiao, MPA from Kean University, currently serves as Party Secretary of Wenzhou-Kean University and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Wenzhou-Kean University. He is presently in charge of the university’s daily operation. Mr.Wang previously served as the Assistant to Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Rui’an City, Director General of Wenzhou Science and Technology Bureau and Director of Wenzhou Municipal Party Committee Office. Since he began his career in August 1984, he has gained a rich experience in agriculture planning, land management and administrative management. He also has a deep insight in university management and development.

Since Wang assumed the present office in August 2014, he has been actively learning from Kean University to improve Wenzhou-Kean University’s organizational structure and system. He maintains a good balance of the relationship between board of directors, party committee and the president and conducts the president accountability under the leadership of board of directors. Focusing on innovation and creativity, he actively explores the rule of running Sino-American cooperative university. Under Wang’s leadership, the 2015 WKU admissions was quite successful – he has helped the university to extend its influence and build its reputation. Based on the demands of Wenzhou’s economic and social development as well as the university’s actual practice, he initiated WKU 2015-2020 Strategic Plan. Under Wang’s leadership, a significant progress has been achieved in overall campus construction, site planning and the surrounding environment. Wang values ties with government and enterprises, and established the Wenzhou Institute for Commerce and Entrepreneurship to attract more entrepreneurs to visit WKU for training and communication. The institute would serve as a platform for potential cooperation in information sharing and funding, as well as providing internship opportunities for students. To diversify WKU’s channels of income and to ensure a sustainable future, Wang has been working on establishing WKU Foundation.

Wang always emphasizes the concept that all work should be student-centered. He also attaches great importance to talent building and improving the management level as well as the communication between China and the U.S. Wang will keep leading WKU toward a better future.