Dr. Shuli Xu graduated from the University of Massachusetts Amherst with the Doctor of Education degree, and he received his two Masters of Art degree in English from the City University of New York, and Hebei Teachers University respectively.

Dr. Xu served in many administrative roles in institutions of higher education of different types and sizes before joining WKU as the Vice Chancellor. As a senior consultant for international education, Dr. Xu was invited to present on many university campuses about current issues facing the U.S. higher education as well as best practices for recruitment, retention and student success in a competitive market. He also visited some universities in China over the years to share his experience in higher education administration, especially in the field of student affairs. Dr. Xu served as the Chief Student Affairs Officer and, as a member of the President’s Cabinet, he took an active part in the strategic planning and implementation process at MCPHS University. Since his arrival in 2007 as the Assistant Dean, then Associate Dean for the Worcester campus, and then Dean of Students in 2010, the university witnessed a rapid expansion of new academic programs, student population, and properties which required timely adjustment of the staffing patterns and other resources to ensure delivery of quality services to meet the students’ needs. As Dean, he oversaw the programs and services of the Division of Student Affairs for two campuses located in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. He actively participated in the accreditation process of each academic program and that of the university by NEASC, ensuring compliance of the standard requirements concerning students. A member of the Government and Community Relations Committee, Dr. Xu worked with state and municipal officials on issues impacting the university and developed positive town-gown relationship. He was deeply involved in the community, and, representing the consortium colleges, he was elected to serve on the Board of Directors of Discovering Central Massachusetts. Before his experience at MCPHS, Dr. Xu held administrative positions at Bowling Green State University and the University of Massachusetts Amherst in both Housing & Residence Life and the Office of the Dean of Students. He served on, chaired and advised many different committees during his tenure as a student affairs professional, and presented sessions on various topics during staff development and national conferences in student affairs.

Dr. Xu was a university faculty member before pursuing advanced studies in the U.S. He published many scholarly articles in nationally known journals. As the Chief Simultaneous Interpreter for UNESCO’s Education for All program in Asian and the Pacific for five consecutive years, he was a member of the Delegation of Experts who studied the implementation of the program in some Asian and Pacific nations.

Dr. Xu is passionate about the holistic process of student learning and development and a firm believer in the public good of higher education in developing the next generation of leaders. Working at WKU- a unique collaborative university between China and the U.S.- with the student-centered philosophy and student development theories, he is devoted to applying his knowledge and expertise to contribute to the healthy development of the students and the university.

Dr. Xu is responsible for the following departments: Admissions, Career Development, Academic Support, Alumni Relations, International Studies,Parents Association, in addition to the Student Affairs departments composed of Housing and Residence Life, Counseling Services, Leadership Development & Service, Student Conduct, One Stop Student Services,and Student Financial Aid. He also serves as the Deputy Title IX Coordinator for the WKU campus.