Tilte: Member of WKU CPC Committee, Director of Chinese Curricula Center

Email Address: yingyonghong@wku.edu.cn

Phone Number: 0577-55870006

Mr. Ying Yonghong, born in 1965, graduated from East China University of Political Science and Law with the bachelor degree in law, and later graduated from Zhejiang University with the master degree in law. He has been working in various areas since 1987, including lawyer in Wenzhou City Law Firm, lecturer in Wenzhou University, assistant to the Dean of the College of Humanities, Politics and Laws in Wenzhou University, Vice Director of Registrar Office in Wenzhou University, Director of Registrar Office in Wenzhou-Kean University, Director of Admission Office in Wenzhou-Kean University, Director of Chinese Curricula Center and Director of Human Resources Office in Wenzhou-Kean University, and Member of CPC Committee of Wenzhou-Kean University. Ying  is responsible for publicity. He oversees Media Center and Chinese Curricula Center.

Ying has a rich education background and university work experience, he is the expert in university registration and admissions. During the preparation of Wenzhou-Kean University’s establishment, as the team leader for admission, registrar and student affairs, he worked extremely hard with staff to investigate the admission market and established from scratch the registrar and student affairs management system with a strong WKU Style. When the university was officially established, he continued to lead the admission work, during which time he promoted a series of effective and productive admission policies. He was also devoted to the development of Chinese curricula, and finally found a unique Chinese culture education system in a Sino-foreign university, which is highly favored by students.
Ying has been passionately devoting himself to the development of Wenzhou-Kean University and now works as the Director of Human Resources Office. He leads the reform and improvement of HR system, including recruitment procedure, payment and welfare. Ying also ungraded the work performance evaluation to attract talents, protect staff benefits and promote better work performance.