Dr. ZHENG Xiaodong, a registered urban planner, once studied abroad in America for his master degree, majoring in Public Administration. He served as a professional urban planner and a municipal government officer for more than 10 years, devoting himself to urban planning and construction management with his outstanding practical experiences, integrated accomplishment and international horizon over 20 years.

According to his great contribution of city planning, he was appointed as the Vice Chancellor of Wenzhou-Kean University and fully in charge of the entire Campus Planning and Construction, campus intelligence and logistics services since 2014.

Under his leadership, the international working group has made overall design, construction plan, informatization for WKU. Aiming at being a world-class university, Dr. ZHENG built WKU with innovativeness, multiformity, integrity, and enhancement of ecology & intelligence by melting Sino-American cultures of architectures, using the existing campus planning for reference, reinforcing communication and cooperation between different universities worldwide, encouraging faculty and students jointly to participate. At the same time, many new technologies and approaches have also been applied in these programs, such as GIS, Virtual Reality, ecological technology, fabricated construction, reinforced concrete, vertical planting and new material furniture and so on. Besides, based on the WKU (the center of internationalized community), Dr. ZHENG actively boosts the developing construction of Wenzhou-Kean Township. Internationalizing this community would certainly bring more preeminent over-seas experts back to home and built it a better community in the world.

Vice chancellor Dr. Zheng Xiaodong oversees Campus Planning and Construction, Logistics and Assets Management, IT Services, and Asset Management co. Ltd. He is also responsible for contacting Chen Tianlong Art Museum.