Suntree Counseling Center in WKU, developed “love yourself, love family, love life” as its core philosophy, is committed to fostering a safe and healthy environment in the university by providing both the professional services targeted to meet the students’ needs and mental health education to promote mental health awareness in campus.

Individual counseling
We provide the free and confidential counseling for WKU registered students whose concerns range from day-to-day challenges to more disruptive psychological concerns. You may talk to a counselor if you encounter the problems below:

    • Life adjustment;
    • Relationships;
    • Academic performance;
    • Self-esteem;
    • Sex;
    • Personality;
    • Emotional problems;
    • Family counseling;
    • Eating and body image concerns;


You are required to make appointments as the initial step. Here are some ways you can make appointments:

  • visit Counseling Center to fill up the appointment card;
  • call Counseling Center.

Make the referral
We believe that whole community (faculty, staff and student) can work together as a team to give support to at-risk students. And making the referral is one way you can do and we can start there to see what we can do to help those students.

You can download the  referral form below and send it to


Counseling Assessment
Professional counseling assessment is available as we believe that student’s behavior and mental state is closely related, so for instance, if a student violated the Student Conduct Code, the center will perform the counseling assessment to evaluate the student’s mental health and if it relates to his/her misdeeds.

Freshman Psychological Assessment
The national assessment will be held in September each year and each freshman is required to take the assessment.
Login name: Chinese name
Password: KeanID

Senior Coordinator/Supervisor: Sue Yi

  • D409,GEH

Counselor: Sisi Zhao

  • D409,GEH

Counselor: Ning Wu

  • D409,GEH

Intern Counselor: Mengyan Ren

  • D409, GEH

Intern Counselor: Yaxi Huang

  • D409, GEH

Counseling Center