Introduce of Department

University Affairs is the comprehensive administrative department of the university. It serves as the coordinator of daily operations and key tasks of the university; it is also the assistant team to the university leaderships. The University Affairs currently consists three parts: Secretarial Services, External Relations and Media and Publicity.



  1. Drafting different types of administrative documents of university-level, including work plan and summary, notification, reporting materials to MOE, provincial and municipal government and so on; drafting speeches, letters and making PPT for the leadership; Proof-reading reports and correspondence drafted by other administrative departments.
  2. Responsible for recording important meetings of university level, and summarize into meeting minutes.
  3. Responsible for university internal information collection and collation, and edition and release of the administrative information report, such as comprehensive presentation materials, events, briefings, Yearbook, and so on.
  4. Receive and pass around information, maintain files, confidential files, and log in the e-government platform of provincial education department and municipal government every day to deliver important information to relevant leaders.
  5. In charge of the using of the university seal.
  6. Serve as an interpreter for a variety of university events or meetings.
  7. In charge of overall Archives management.
  8. To communicate and work collaboratively with President’s Office at Kean University for relevant affairs.
  9. To establish plans for university’s official oversea visits, handle its approval procedures and arrange accommodation for official oversea delegation.
  10. To arrange and coordinate the reception for delegations from national, provincial, municipal leadership as well as representatives from higher authorities and other education institutions in China.
  11. To arrange and coordinate the reception for delegations from Kean University USA, Consulate General of US in Shanghai, and other representatives from elite universities, enterprises, and institutions across the world.
  12. To coordinate relative departments in arranging itinerary and accommodations for visiting foreign guests, reception dinner held by municipal or university leadership, and exchange activities. To implement the rules that university counterpart departments shall take the lead in receiving visiting foreign guests.
  13. To assist University Affairs to complete other tasks.

Director: JIN Lusong