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History has Passed Here——A touch on the history of Wenzhou Anti-Japanese War


Reporter主讲人: Changming Wang 王长明研究员

Date & Time时间: 19:00-21:00, Thursday, 5 November, 2020


Venue地点: 教学楼 B101


Changming Wang:


Director of Zhejiang Anti-Japanese War Research Association, Director of Anti-Japanese War Research Center of Wenzhou Historical Society, Member of the Wenzhou CPPCC. Recently, he has devoted himself to the study of Wenzhou’s Anti-Japanese War history, extensively collected historical materials from China, Japan, the United States, and Britain. Also, he interviewed more than 100 people who had experienced, witnessed, and heard about it, clarified some important historical suspense, and published a monograph of more than 300 thousand words called The Study of Wenzhou Lianhuaxin’s Anti-Japanese War History, which filled a significant gap in the study of Wenzhou’s Anti-Japanese War history.





Topic: A touch on the history of Wenzhou Anti-Japanese War

  • Why Wenzhou is not only a prosperous coastal commercial port, but also a heroic city?
  • Why was Wenzhou invaded by the Japanese aggressors for the three time? What tragic Anti-Japanese War have happened here?
  • Why did Wenzhou become a vital bridgehead for China to persist in the war of resistance against Japan and accept international aid, and even once was the last lifeline?
  • Why has Wenzhou become an crucial hub for China to support the world Anti-Fascist War?
  • What great contributions and sacrifices has Wenzhou made to the national Anti-Japanese War and the world Anti-Fascist War?



  • 温州何以既是繁荣的沿海商埠,更是一座英雄之城?
  • 温州何以三次遭日寇侵占,这里发生过哪些悲壮惨烈的抗日战斗?
  • 温州何以成为中国坚持抗战,接受国际援助的重要桥头堡,甚至一度是最后的生命线?
  • 温州又何以成为中国支援世界反法西斯战争的重要枢纽?
  • 温州为全民族抗战与世界反法西斯战争做出哪些重大贡献与牺牲?

Event Details

Date: 十一月 5 @ 下午7:00 - 下午9:00
Time: 下午7:00 - 下午9:00
Venue GEH B101
Organizer Name: 国情中心