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One hundred years of change and value of life


Reporter主讲人: Dr. Xiehao 谢浩 教授

Date & Time时间: 19:00-21:00,Thursday,15th October, 2020

2020年10月15日周四 19:00-21:00(请提前10分钟入场)

Venue地点: 教学楼 B101


Hao Xie

Cultural scholar, economic expert, Distinguished Professor of Zhejiang University and Jiao Tong University, Peking University Private Economic Research Institute researcher, Vice President of World Wenzhounese Fellowship Association, Member of Wenzhou Decision-making Advisory Committee, and with representative work If There Were No Wenzhou published by Xinhua Publishing House.






One hundred years of change and value of life

This lecture will tell us how to view the world and history and how to choose a good perspective to establish a clear and correct view of history as well as a vision of the overall situation. It is essential for us to learn how to view the economic reform and the trap rationally, understand the overall situation, and strengthen confidence. In addition, the lecturer will enlighten us on how to realize the value of life.





Event Details

Date: 十月 15 @ 下午7:00 - 下午9:00
Time: 下午7:00 - 下午9:00
Venue 教学楼 B101
Organizer Name: 国情中心