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 Individualistic Tendencies in Late Medieval French Popular Culture


Reporter主讲人: Dr. Wang Yin王印. 博士

Date & Time时间: 18:30-20:30,Friday,26th November, 2021


Venue地点: 教学楼 B101




Wang Yin, from Anshan, Liaoning province, has a Ph.D. in World History from Fudan University and is a lecturer at the School of Humanities, Wenzhou University. He studied at Zhejiang University, Blaise Pascal Clermont Ferrand II University, and Paris Sorbonne University. The main research direction is French modern social and cultural history, and he is the general project leader of the National Social Science Fund.






Since the outbreak of COVID-19, our country has successfully prevented the spread of the epidemic through the full cooperation of all sectors of society, while France has encountered numerous obstacles in implementing epidemic prevention measures. French President Macron once regarded it as a retreat from individualism in his televised speech last year. In the historical evolution of the West, the rise of individualism is related to many factors. Previous studies have focused on the development of capitalism and seldom talked about psychological and conceptual factors. This lecture will start with the representation of French popular culture and explore the origin of this evolution in the spiritual field in Late Medieval times.

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Date: 26th 11月 2021 @ 下午6:30 - 下午8:30
Time: 下午6:30 - 下午8:30
Venue GEH B101
Organizer Name: 中国国情与文化教育中心