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Topic: How to Think in Sociology: A Mental System Integrating Imagination, Curiosity, and Empathy


Reporter主讲人: Dr. Qi Gang肖云泽. 博士

Date & Time时间: 19:00-21:00,

2022年4月28日  周四19:00-21:00(请提前10分钟入场)





Abstract: At present, sociology seems to have become fashionable knowledge. Anyone who writes articles has thought about using some sociological investigation methods, and some people like to use some sociological theories to add some depth to their research. However, sociologists often jump out and say that this research is sociology and that research is not sociology. So, what is sociology? In fact, this is a problem that bothers the social science community, and even the sociological community itself is not clear about it. This lecture will start from the three basic sociological standpoints of “sociological imagination”, “curiosity towards others”, and “empathy facing practice”, through the analysis of some classic works, to introduce the mental system of sociology to the students, and walk into this subject with both scientific and humanistic warmth in the social study exercises of social hotspots such as “Wonderful Flower” and “Never Working Man Zhou”.



肖云泽,浙江工业大学公共管理学院讲师,华东师范大学社会学博士。现主要从事政治社会学、文化社会学等领域的研究,主持国家社科基金1项、省部级科研项目2项,作为重要成员参与国家社科基金重大项目2项,论文见于《LOGOS & PNEUMA》、《浙江学刊》等海内外A&HCICSSCI学术期刊,多年承担《浙江省舆情蓝皮书》总报告的撰写工作。主要从事《社会学概论》《社会保障概论》《社会研究方法》《社会调查方法》等社会学类课程的教学工作。曾获得浙江工业大学优秀班主任、 “Religion in East Asian Societies”跨国学术征文一等奖等荣誉称号。

Xiao Yunze, lecturer at the School of Public Administration, Zhejiang University of Technology, Ph.D. in Sociology, East China Normal University. Now he is mainly engaged in research in the fields of political sociology, cultural sociology, etc. He presided over one National Social Science Fund, two provincial and ministerial scientific research projects, and participated in two major projects of the National Social Science Fund as an important member. His papers are found in A & HCI and CSSCI academic journals at home and abroad such as “LOGOS & PNEUMA” and“ Zhejiang academic journal”. He has been responsible for writing the general report of the “Blue Book of Public Opinion in Zhejiang Province” for many years. Mainly engaged in the teaching of sociology courses such as “Introduction to Sociology”, “Introduction to Social Security”, “Social Research Methods” and “Social Survey Methods”. He has won honorary titles such as outstanding headmaster of Zhejiang University of Technology, and the first prize for “Religion in East Asian Societies” multinational academic essay.

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Date: 4月 28 @ 下午7:00 - 下午9:00
Time: 下午7:00 - 下午9:00
Venue CBPM A101
Organizer Name: 中国国情与文化教育中心