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Topic: Rereading ” A New Account of the Tales of the World”——Looking at famous people from a different angle

主讲人:董铁柱 Dong Tiezhu

Date & Time时间: 13:30-15:30,

2022年5月20日  周五13:30-15:30(请提前10分钟入场)





Dong Tiezhu, born in Hangzhou in 1976, graduated from the Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures of the University of California, Berkeley, the USA in 2009, with a Ph.D. His main research interest is ancient Chinese thought and culture. He is now an associate professor at the Chinese Language and Culture Center of the Joint International College of Beijing Normal University-Hong Kong Baptist University.

He is the author of the monographs “Act and You Zeshi – Thirty-Six Strategies of ” “ A New Account of the Tales of the World””, “Confucius and Deadwood – A Modern Interpretation of Traditional Chinese Thought”, and the translation of “Dialogue with History: China’s Narration of King Goujian of Yue in the 20th Century” (written by Ke Wen), and published dozens of papers in such publications as “Literature, History and Philosophy” and “Confucius Studies”.





The traditional interpretation of the famous scholars in Wei and Jin dynasties usually regards their behaviors as a resistance to the politics, ethics and society at that time. This interpretation has an obvious dichotomous tendency: ji Kang and Ruan Ji are regarded as dashing and just, while what they resist is conservative and unjust. Therefore, we often idealize the wei and Jin famous scholars, thinking that their personalities and unrestrainedness are unattainable.

If we enter the world of “ “ A New Account of the Tales of the World””, we will find that there is no such dichotomy. Like us,famous people have both advantages and disadvantages. They neither want to be god-like saints, nor do they want to be emotionless villains; and their exaggerated behaviors may be more to find friends who can understand and appreciate their own. In fact, from virtue to feud, the 36 chapters of  “ A New Account of the Tales of the World”u show almost every aspect of real life. Therefore, the charm of “ A New Account of the Tales of the World” lies in the fact that readers can find themselves in it and have empathic conversations with famous scholars.




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