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2022国情与文化沙龙系列活动 :千载风雅宋——宋代妆容体验课

A thousand years of elegance in the Song Dynasty – Makeup experience class in the Song Dynasty




In the history of Chinese aesthetics, the Song Dynasty, which advocated the simplicity of the road and paid attention to the elegance and charm, was an indispensable part of the oriental aesthetics. Compared with the rich and flamboyant Tang Dynasty makeup, the Song Dynasty makeup is more inclined to white makeup and plain makeup, which is fresh and elegant overall. The simplicity of the Song Dynasty women’s makeup is exquisite, light and charming, which is more in line with the elegant aesthetics of modern people. The Song Dynasty is no longer just the name of a dynasty, but has evolved into a unique aesthetic symbol in art history.

This experience class invited three senior Hanfu makeup artists, let us share the experience class through Song Dynasty women’s makeup, travel through a hundred years together, and learn about the unique Song makeup culture.

Note: Basic makeup (excluding foundation and lipstick) and makeup tools will be prepared at the event site, but considering personal protection and hygiene during the epidemic, it is recommended that students bring their own makeup and tools.


主讲介绍:乌鸦姐姐(真名:高嘉琪),7年汉服妆造经验,千面玉猫汉服妆造工作室创始人 ,全国认证国家高级化妆师,古装造型艺术家杨树云亲传弟子 ,蓝野尚品大秀御用造型师。

Speaker introduction: Sister Crow (real name: Gao Jiaqi), 7 years of experience in Hanfu makeup, founder of Thousand Faced Jade Cat Hanfu Makeup Studio, National Certified National Senior Makeup Artist, direct disciple of costume artist Yang Shuyun, Lanye Shangpin Daxiu Royal stylist.


时间:5月11日19:00-21:30 (请提前十分钟到场)



Time: May 11th (Wednesday), 19:00-21:00(Please arrive ten minutes early).

Location: GEH C201

Event Details

Date: 11th 5月 2022 @ 下午7:00 - 下午9:30
Time: 下午7:00 - 下午9:30
Venue 教学楼C201
Organizer Name: 中国国情与文化教育中心