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2022 Lecture Series of Chinese National Conditions & Culture  


The prosperous Tang Dynasty——Makeup experience class in the Song Dynasty




The prosperous Tang Dynasty is all-encompassing, showing diversified and open characteristics in the fields of economy, society, culture and art. The fusion of different cultures also influenced the dressing style and makeup of the time. Tang Dynasty clothing is mainly colorful and colorful, and the makeup is mostly atmospheric and gorgeous, emphasizing the sense of line, giving people a sense of gorgeousness overall, and the strong contrast between color embellishment and face background color can better reflect the charm of women’s appearance.

This lesson will follow Mr. Daxing, the founder of the Woven Star Pavilion brand, to learn about the colorful makeup and accessories of the Tang Dynasty.

Note: Basic makeup (excluding foundation and lipstick) and makeup tools will be prepared at the event site, but considering personal protection and hygiene during the epidemic, it is recommended that students bring their own makeup and tools.


Speaker introduction: Da’ xing, founder of Wenzhou Woven Star Pavilion Hanfu Makeup Studio; The founder of the Guofeng Hanfu Studio brand; Eight years of senior Hanfu makeup artist; Senior Hanfu tailor designer; She specializes in the design and production of Tang Dynasty clothing and accessories.

时间:11月17日18:00-20:00 (请提前十分钟到场)



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Date: 17th 11月 2022 @ 下午6:00 - 下午8:00
Time: 下午6:00 - 下午8:00
Venue 教学楼C401
Organizer Name: 中国国情与文化教育中心