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2022 Lecture Series of Chinese National Conditions & Culture : Chinese Hanfu Culture and Inheritance



注:活动现场备有汉服20套,同学们也可选择自行准备服装。(本次活动不包括妆造,建议带妆参加, 活动尾段会有走秀、拍照环节)

“Zuo Zhuan. Ten Years of Dinggong” said: There is a great reason of etiquette in China called Xia, and the beauty of service is called Hua.

Hanfu, also known as “Huaxia Clothing”, is the abbreviation of “Han National Traditional Costume”. Hanfu embodies the unique culture of the Han nationality. In recent years, with the revival of traditional culture and the rise of national style, Hanfu has also reappeared in people’s daily life. So what exactly is Hanfu? Why revive Hanfu? What are the characteristics of Hanfu in each dynasty?

This event takes Hanfu and etiquette as the medium to lead everyone to initially understand and experience the charm of traditional Chinese Hanfu culture.

Note: There are 20 sets of Hanfu at the event site, and students can also choose to prepare their own clothes. (Makeup is not included in this activity. It is recommended to bring makeup to participate, there will be a catwalk and photo taking at the end of the event)


时间:5月18日19:00-21:30 (请提前十分钟到场)




Event Details

Date: 18th 5月 2022 @ 下午7:00 - 下午9:30
Time: 下午7:00 - 下午9:30
Venue GEH B101
Organizer Name: 中国国情与文化教育中心