Cai He

Education background

B.S. in Food Science and Engineering
Zhejiang University and UC Davis (Exchange)

M.S. in Food Engineering
Zhejiang University

Research interests

Organic Chemistry

Selected Publications/scholarly and creative work

1、He Cai, Jin Feng, Shanshan Wang, Tong Shu, Zisheng Luo, Songbai Liu. Tannic Acid Directed Synthesis of Fe3O4@TA@P(NVP-co-NIPAM) Magnetic Microspheres for Polyphenol Extraction [J]. Food Chemistry, 2018, 283: 530-538.

2、Jin Feng, He Cai, Hua Wang, Chunyang Li, Songbai Liu. Improved oxidative stability of fish oil emulsion by grafted ovalbumin-catechin conjugates [J]. Food Chemistry, 2018, 241: 60-69.

3、Shan Hong, Shanshan Wu, He Cai, Yimin Wang, Songbai Liu. Instant structure profiling of substituted catechins by chemical shift fingerprint of hydrogens of phenolic hydroxyl groups [J]. Journal of Functional Foods, 2017, 37: 58-65.

4、朱加进, 蔡赫. 纯净水对斑马鱼幼鱼生长发育的影响[J]. 粮食流通技术, 2016(16):91-94.