Christopher Conaway

Educational Background

MA – Applied Linguistics/TESOL – University of Alabama, USA

BA – English Literature – Auburn University, USA


Call me Chris. One of my students said what I was writing for this was boring, so I’m rewriting it. You can see my education above, so I won’t write about it again. Instead, let me tell you that I really love chodofu, and I’ve taught both English and Karate (空手道). Personally, I think the greatest factor in learning a language is motivation, so I try to keep things in my class interesting. Check out my research interests below.

Research interests

VR in education – a member of the VR Art History research group
Game-based Learning
Martial Arts (and their conjunction with Language Learning)

Selected Publications/scholarly and creative work

None yet


ESL 0303
ESL 0305
ESL 0403
ESL 0405
ENG 1300
ENG 1430