Courtney Pepe, 博士



– Dissertation nominated for dissertation of the year as well as the TCPEA Award. Dissertation topic: The Impact of achieve NJ and SGP calculation protocols upon certain sub-groups of the tested population: low SES, ELL, and special education students.



– These additional 30 credits were advanced science classes that were taken in 2011 so that I could obtain my Teacher of Biology Certificate with the state.

南缅因大学,MS Teaching and Learning from The Extended Teacher Education Program (ETEP, University of Southern Maine May 2010 – Dual concentrations in special education as well as general education (content focus: social studies).


– Graduated magna cum laude, elected to Phi Beta Kappa, recipient of the University of Buffalo medallion for outstanding academic achievement in two separate colleges within the University.


2017年1月至今–教育技术,媒体,荣誉和进阶职位地区主管:珀斯·安博伊教育委员会 – I am currently a Central Office Administrator in a large urban school district in New Jersey with 11, 000+ students and 16 schools pre-K-12.

Experience includes development/design of 21 st century media centers district wide. Launch of 1.5 million dollar 1:1 initiative at the high school. Key stakeholder in 4.5 million dollar media center renovation with virtual reality room. High level of experience with our Dual Language and bilingual population. Also responsible for the Gifted and Talented Program/COGAT Testing. Coordination of Summer STEAM Program, budget responsibilities as well as curriculum supervision responsibilities. Well versed in the Danielson and Stronge evaluation tools.

2016年2月至今–肯恩大学教育领导学系客座教授 – Nominated for outstanding adjunct Fall 2018. I have developed courses pertaining to curriculum and technology for the Department of Educational Leadership. I have taught on-site and on-line courses related to School Organization, Computer Applications, Curriculum, and Teacher Evaluation. In May of 2018, I also began teaching in the Doctoral Program.

2015年1月至2017年–新泽西城市大学A.哈里·摩尔学院课程与教学主管 – Led IEP meetings, monitored teacher lesson plans, evaluated the teaching staff, therapists, and paraprofessionals. Created professional development workshops for staff, curriculum development, scheduled for the building, supervised work orders for the building.

Responsibilities related to procurement and budgeting as well as coordinating 37 transportation routes from 4 different counties in NJ. I was also the District Testing Coordinator for APA and DLM.

2010年9月至2015年1月–为门罗镇面临高风险的高中生提供替代课程的教师 – Teacher in an alternative program for at-risk high school students in Monroe Township. I taught Algebra, Algebra II, Geometry, Physics, Chemistry, and Forensic Science. Strong in the math and science areas and can provide instruction in any high school level math or science courses. Passed the Secondary Praxis II test in all four core content areas so I have a good understanding of the pedagogy involved to ensure vertical and horizontal articulation. The school had a 1:1 iPad initiative with over 2, 000 students. Designed all of the PD for the district related to the initiative. Opportunity to use 21st century learning strategies to increase the engagement and achievement data of my own class and the student body at large. While in Monroe, had the opportunity to work with gifted and talented students in grades 5-8 providing instruction in science and math in the TAG program.



iNacol Blended Learning Symposium with the NJDOE 2015 (Orlando)

South by Southwest 2015, – (Austin,Texas)

ISTE 2014 (Atlanta) ISTE 2015 (Philadelphia)

ISTE 2016 (Denver), ISTE 2017 (San Antonio)


TechSpo (NJASA) Winter 2019

1st and 2nd Educational Thought Leaders Conference Kean University (2017, 2018) Urban Thought Leaders Symposium Kean University (2016)

NJSAL’s Librarian Conference, November 2015

NJDOE Department of Innovation Fall Convening at Kean University, 2015

NJDOE Department of Innovation Spring Conference in Atlantic City, 2015

New Pathways (NPTNJ) Capstone Conference NJCU, 2015

NJ Edge Conference NJCU, March 2015



Licensed Central Office Administrator in the State of NJ CE

Licensed Principal in the State of NJ CE

Licensed Supervisor in the State of NJ

Business Administrator Certification will be completed by

summer of 2019


Teacher of Biology K-12

Teacher of Social Studies K‑12

Teacher of Students with Disabilities K-12

Teacher of Elementary Education K-5

*Passed the secondary content praxis exams required for HS math and English teachers*