Craig Blacklock

Educational Background

  1. A. (Hons), Language & Linguistics, University of Aberdeen

CELTA Certificate, Randolph School of English


Craig Blacklock has been teaching English as a Foreign Language for 10 years, with 7 of those years being in China. He taught for two years in Hebei in Zhangjiakou at Hebei North University, and two Fujian, Quanzhou, to work at Huaqiao University. A graduate of University of Aberdeen (UoA), Scotland with research conducted at UoA primarily focusing on language acquisition and Chinese learners. The research questioned how Chinese learners acquire specific sounds of English with regards to their native dialects and its association to Modern Standard Chinese.

As an active member of the Wenzhou-Kean University family, Prof. Blacklock also organises two clubs for students: a dance club – social dancing for students (swing dance and salsa), and tennis coaching/training.

Research interests

Prof. Blacklock is interested in the nature of sounds in languages and the acquisition of sounds by second language learners, with a specific focus on Chinese to English and English to Chinese. This includes the psycholinguistic nature of sound as units of meaning and how that connects to the articulatory processes used in communication.


Academic Oral Communication I, Academic Oral Communication II, Composition for ELL I, Composition for ELL II, Introduction to Linguistics, World Englishes.