Elizabeth Martinez

Educational Background

2001             Ed.D., University of Houston, Department of Curriculum & Instruction

Specialization: ESL/Bilingual Education


1987             M.Ed., University of California at Los Angeles, School of Education

Major: ESL/Bilingual Education


1987             Bilingual CLEAR Teaching Credential – Multiple Subject, UCLA School of Education


1983             B.A., UCLA, College of Fine Arts

Major: Art History


Dr. Sugar has taught and traveled all over the world. She has worked in Western and Eastern Europe, Japan, the Marshall Islands, Saudi Arabia, and China.


In her spare time, Dr. Sugar enjoys reading and playing and composing on her guitar.


ESL 0303 – Academic Oral Discourse I

ESL 0305 – Academic Written Discourse I

ESL 0403 – Academic Oral Discourse II

ENG 1300 – College Composition for English Language Learners I

ENG 1430 – College Composition for English Language Learners II