Gina Roach

Educational Background

Ph.D., Education, School of Education University of Nottingham
M.A., TESOL., UCL Institute of Education, University of London
B.A., Economics and History Politics, University of the South Pacific


Dr Gina Roach is a senior lecturer in the School of English Studies. Her research projects investigate the assessment of excellence in student produced work in different disciplines. She has supervised over 40 English major senior student capstone projects at WKU. She teaches research methods and other core courses in the English major undergraduate program as well as academic literacy courses in the ESL program. She is a member of the British Association of Lecturers in English for Academic Purpose (BALEAP) and Associate member of the Centre for Knowledge Building at the University of Sydney. When not grading student essays and doing research related work around the world, Gina actively works to restore land and sea ecosystems vulnerable to climate change in her home island in Fiji.




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Roach G, (forthcoming, 2019) ‘‘Critical thinking’ makes waves’, in Studies in Higher Education
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