Imran Khan

Educational Background

1. PhD in Information communication in digital platforms from University of Porto and University of Aveiro

2. Master in Multimedia communication from University of Aveiro


 He is a PhD student at the Information and Communication in Digital Platforms program, at the University of Aveiro. Imran holds a master’s degree in Multimedia Communication, from the University of Aveiro and a bachelor’s degree in Computer Sciences. Imran khan works as researcher and lecturer at University of Aveiro, Institute of telecommunication, IPB Braganca Portugal and higher education of Technology UAE. Imran Khan Area of expertise in Animation, cinematography, AR, and VR technologies. Imran khan is Active Jury members of Art and Tours Film Festival, and he has won many awards as director, editor and cinematographer from Spanish film festival and Portuguese such as Deca, Sophia, and Art and Tours Film Festival.

Research interests

  1. Role of technology in wellbeing development
  2. Role of IoT based media in social hybrid services
  3. VR and AR role in cultural exploration

Publications/scholarly and creative work

  1. Role of Gamification in cultural heritage dissemination A Systematic review Khan, I., Melro, A., Carla, A., & Oliveira, L. (2020). Systematic Review on Gamification and Cultural Heritage Dissemination. Journal of Digital Media & Interaction, 3(8), 19-41.
  2. Khan, I., Merlo, A., Amaro, A. C., & Oliveira, L. (2020). Internet of Things prototyping for cultural heritage dissemination. Journal of Digital Media & Interaction, 3(7), 20-35.
  3. Khan, I., Oliveira, L., Amaro, A. C., & Merlo, A. (2020). Sensing the territory as an opportunity for the promotion of cultural heritage. Journal of Digital Media & Interaction, 3(7), 68-91.
  4. Khan, I., Amaro, A.C. & Oliveira, L. (2019). IoT-based systems for improving older adults’ wellbeing: a systematic review. In Proceedings of CISTI’2019 – 14th Iberian Conference on Information Systems and Technologies. In Proceedings of 14th Iberian Conference on Information Systems and Technologies (CISTI). Electronic ISBN: 978-9-8998- 4349-3, Print on Demand (PoD) ISBN:978-1-7281-1552-8, IEEE. ISSN: 2166-0727. DOI: 10.23919/CISTI.2019.8760866. (Scopus Conferences and Proceedings: Khan, I., Amaro, A.C., Oliveira, L. & Melro, A. (2021). Internet of Things: evolution and potential for preserve and enjoy cultural heritage. In Oliveira, L., Amaro, A. & Melro, A. (Eds.). Handbook of Research on Cultural Heritage and Its Impact on Territory Innovation and Development, Hershey, USA: IGI Global. Hershey, PA, pp. 19-43., SBN13: 9781799867012 | ISBN10: 1799867013 | EISBN13: 9781799867036, in press


  1. Documentary
  2. Multimedia communication
  3. Digital marketing
  4. Digital story telling
  5. Video scripting
  6. Media Production
  7. Postproduction
  8. Social media viral video production
  9. Digital Communication
  10. Design theory
  11. 2D and 3D Designing
  12. Design principle
  13. Information designs
  14. Interaction design
  15. Typography
  16. Media design and production
  17. Product design
  18. The Grid in designing
  19. Business and professional communication
  20. Critical citizen communication