Joaquin Lopez Mugica

Educational Background

PhD in Visual/Cultural Studies. University of Nottingham, UK.


MA in Film Studies, School of Film Studies Barcelona (aulacritica), Spain.


MA in Comparative Literature and Critical Theory. University of Valencia, Spain.


MA in Teaching Spanish as a Second Language. University Francisco de Vitoria, Spain.


Msc in E-Commerce Applications.  School of Computer Science and Media. Studies. University of Sunderland, UK.


Dr. Joaquin Lopez-Mugica, PhD, FHEA

Joaquin Lopez-Mugica is presently a lecturer in Spanish studies at the University of Wenzhou-Kean in China. Joaquin has also been teaching undergraduates and postgraduate courses (including BA and MA supervisions) at the University of Nottingham Ningbo China from 2005 to 2019. He became a UK Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA) in 2019. His teaching and research focuses mainly on modern languages, comparative literature, cultural and media studies within the contexts of China, Spain and Latin America.


Professional service and membership


Fellow, Higher Education Academy, UK (HEA), 20109.

External Member (Research fellow), Centre for Contemporary East Asian Cultural Studies (CEACS). University of Nottingham, UK.

External Member (Research fellow), The Gender Studies (GS) Research. Priority Area at University Nottingham, Ningbo China.

Research interests

Cultural, literary and media studies related with China, Latin America and Spain.


Second language acquisition new technologies and social media.

Selected Publications/scholarly and creative work

Journal Articles


Whyke, T.W., Lopez-Mugica J. (forthcoming, March, 2023) ‘Reimagining Chinese young subjectivities through snapshots of affections, bodies and desires in a changing Shanghai’. Asian Studies.


Whyke, T.W., Lopez-Mugica J. (forthcoming, 2022) ‘An Analysis of Cultural Dissemination and National Image Construction in Chinese Vlogger Li Ziqi’s Vlogs and its Impacts on International Viewer Perceptions on YouTube’. The Journal of Chinese sociology (Springer).



Hu Junyi, Whyke, T.W., Lopez-Mugica J. (2022). Investigating media coverage and public perceptions of the HPV vaccine in China — A content analysis of Weibo posts. Sexuality & Culture (Springer).



Whyke, T.W., Lopez-Mugica J. (2022) Love, Friendship, Fraternity, and Sexual Pleasure Between Men in Pu Songling’s Qing Dynasty Tale Huang Jiulang (c. 1740). Springer, Sexuality & Culture (Springer).


Lopez-Mugica J. (2022) ‘La contemporaneidad transcultural de la pintura de Juan Baños en China. TRANS/FORM/AÇÃO: revista de filosofía (Scielo Brasil).


Lopez-Mugica J and Whyke, T.W., (2022) ‘Demolition sites in the ghostly traces of Greg Girard´s photography in Shanghai’. Springer, Fudan J. Hum. Soc. Sci.



Whyke TW, Lopez-Mugica J, Chen ZT. (2021). The Rite of Passage and Digital Mourning in Fang Fang’s Wuhan Diary. Sage, Global Media and China.

Whyke, T.W., Lopez-Mugica, J. Calling for a Hero: The Displacement of the Nezha Archetypal Image from Chinese Animated Film Nezha Naohai (1979) to New Gods: Nezha Reborn (2021). Springer, Fudan J. Hum. Soc. Sci.



Whyke TW, J Lopez- Mugica, Brown MS (2021). Contemporizing the National Style in Chinese Animation: The Case of Nezha (2019). Animation journal (Sage).


Whyke, TW and J Lopez- Mugica (2020). Content and Discourse Analysis of Cruelty towards Stray Dogs as Presented in Chinese Social Media Society & Animals 1 (aop), 1-20 (Brill).




Scholarly book chapters


Marion Sadoux. and Dorota Rzycka and M. Jones and J Lopez- Mugica (2016) ‘Overcoming navigational design in a VLE: students as agents of change’ in C. Gloria, O. Speicher & Stolhans (Eds), Innovative Language Teaching and Learning. At University Enhancing Participation and Collaboration. Dublin


B Liboriussen, J Lopez-Mugica, A White (2018). Contemporary Chinese creatives as literati. Routledge Handbook of Cultural and Creative Industries in Asia, 2018


Non-Peer-Reviewed Academic Articles


J  Lopez- Mugica (2020). ‘Elisa y Marcela: un matrimonio sin hombre’. Journal of Critical thinking. Rockford University (US).


J  Lopez- Mugica (2013). ‘Contemporary traces and specters in Juan Antonio Baños’ vibrant paintings of Shanghai’ Instituto Cervantes (Spain).




Whyke, T.W. and Lopez-Mugica J. (forthcoming) Book Review: Animation in China.


Peer-Reviewed Academic Journal Articles


Cultural Trends (Taylor and Francis)


Media Impact


Collaborator in the following online film magazine (main audiences across Spain and Latin America).

Please see:

Podcasts literary series (2019). University Nottingham Ningbo. The Poetry of Lorca (interview about A poet in New York).



Conference Papers



November 2022–72nd


White Andrew and Lopez-Mugica J. Online ECREA Pre-conference: The Impact of Streaming on Media Industries and Cultural Production ‘Comparison of the UK and Spanish stream media industry’.



July 2022–University of Liverpool (Suzhou Campus)


Whyke TW and Lopez-Mugica J. An IAMCR Pre-Conference. A World of Narratives: Structuring, remembering and re-claiming the world through communication. Negative outside, positive inside: the transmedia rhetoric around China’s hosting of the 2022 Winter Olympics.



May 2022–72nd Annual International Communication Conference, Paris


Chen ZT. Whyke TW, Lopez-Mugica J. One World, One Network!. ‘From queerbaiting to cashing the pink RMB: queering paradox, docile body, emotional and erotic labor of male virtual lovers on Chinese social media platforms’.


June 2021–University of Caen-Normandie


Doucet, C. and J   Lopez- Mugica (2020). Comment les activités de travail en binôme influencent les émotions positives ? -Programme du  ixéme colloque international de  L’ADCUEFE – Campus FLE, Entre recyclage et innovation : Quelle didactique pour demain ?  Approches critiques.

(Association des Directeurs des Centres Universitaires d’Études Françaises pour Étrangers) Carré international, Université de Caen Normandie



May 2021–University of Nottingham Ningbo, China


Whyke, TW and J.Lopez-Mugica (2021). Contemporizing the National Style in Chinese Animation: The Case of Nezha (2019). ‘100 Years of Chinese Film & Screen’,University of Nottingham Ningbo, China.


September 2020–INALCO. Sorbonne University, Paris


Doucet, C. and J  Lopez-Mugica (2020). Apprentissage à distance d’une L3: quels impacts sur les émotions et la motivation d’étudiants universitaires

sinophones. Paris, Novemeber 2020. Numérique et didactique des langues et cultures. Nouvelles pratiques et compétences en développement.



June 2019–University of Cyprus


J  Lopez- Mugica. 4th UCY-LC International Forum of Early Researchers (APSA 2017). School of Modern Languages, University of Cyprus. ‘Teaching Intercultural Communications in a Spanish/Latin American context to the Chinese other through films’’.


October 2017–Tsinghua University

Fernando Ortiz-Moya and J Lopez- Mugica. 14th International Congress of Asian Planning Schools Association (APSA 2017) School of Architecture, Tsinghua University. ‘Sino-British synergies in Creativity, Industry and Education, a Case Study of the University of Nottingham Ningbo China’.


July 2017 Pontificia Universidad de Católica de Chile


U21Early Career Researcher Workshop on ‘Interculturality and Multiculturalism’. Workshop at Pontifícia Universidad de Católica de Chile, in Chile (University of Nottingham Award).



July 2017 Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona

J  Lopez- Mugica . 2nd International Workshop on Chinese Migration in Spain. ‘Portraying the mobility of the Chinese self between modernity and tradition in China en la Maleta (2014)’.

September 2016 University of Nottingham Ningbo, China


Marion Sadoux. and Dorota Rzycka and M. Jones and J  Lopez-Mugica. Teaching and Learning Conference. ‘Designing Moodle as a platform of exchange’.


June 2015 University of Nottingham, UK


Marion Sadoux. and Dorota Rzycka and M. Jones and J  Lopez-Mugica. InnoConf2015 (“Innovative Language Teaching and Learning at University: Enhancing Participation and Collaboration”) – ‘Overcoming navigational design in a VLE: students as agents of change’.


Special Academic Awards


Wenzhou-Kean University´s Internal Faculty Research support (2021). Researching European Union (EU) Films through festival and commercial audiences in China (10,000 RMB)

Wenzhou-Kean University´s student Faculty with Faculty Staff (2021) Research Program Grant (20,000 RMB)

£2,500 Early Career Researcher Workshop on ‘Chinese Migratory Realities’. University of Alberta Award. Workshop at University of Alberta and Calgary (2018).

Honored with the long service award at the University of Nottingham Ningbo China, 10 years’ service anniversaries (2017).

£2,500 U21Early Career Researcher Workshop on ‘Interculturality and Multiculturalism’. University of Nottingham Award. Workshop at Pontifícia Universidad de Católica de Chile, in Chile (2017).

£6,000 Teaching Bursary Application Awarded by the School of Education, University of Nottingham Ningbo, China (2016)

Lord Dearing Teaching Award Winner with the Language Centre at the University of Nottingham Ningbo, China (2015)

£6,000 PhD Research Bursary Application Awarded by the School of International Communications (Symposium organizer), University of Nottingham (2012)

One-Year Postgraduate Studentship Awarded by the Economic and Social Research Council in UK (2002).  This award included a maintenance grant (£10,000) and the payment of tuition fees for the year of study on my Msc course in Sunderland/UK.


  • Spanish (beginners, level 1 and 2) (convenor)
  • Spanish Independent study in film noir 4710 (convenor)
  • Hispanic Literature 3200 (convenor)
  • History of Spanish Cinema 4000 (convenor)
  • History of Latin American Cinema 4002 (convenor)
  • Critical thinking 2024 (Philosophy)
  • Transition to Kean GE 1000 (General education module)