Kristen Hartman

Educational Background

ABD for PhD, The Ohio State University

MA in English Literature, The Ohio State University

BA in English Literature, University of Pittsburgh


Kristen Hartman taught courses in English Composition and Literature at US universities for 12 years before relocating to Asia in 2013.  She has taught students from over 16 Asian countries, in Bangladesh, Myanmar, and Thailand, before joining the faculty of WKU.  In addition to her work in the classroom, she has served at various institutions as a program administrator, academic editor, and as an outreach consultant for the Center for the Study and Teaching of Writing.

Research interests

Kristen’s research focuses largely on intersections of nationalism and medical discourse in early American literature. She has also presented on feminist rhetoric in popular culture, regionalism in American literature, and the role of historical romance in the project of American nation-building.


ESL 0303: Academic Oral Discourse I

ESL 0305: Academic Written Discourse I

ESL 0304: Academic Oral Discourse II

ENG 1300: English Composition for English Language Learners I

ENG 1430:  College Composition for English Language Learners II