Liticia Salter


English Lecturer II, grew up on a ranch in Central Texas and decided early on that her job in the future would be either a cowboy, writer, or priest – unlike the other kids in kindergarten who wanted to be mommies, firemen, or policemen. As a child of the 1960s, these early career choices, however, were discouraged as not being gender-appropriate. She ultimately started Texas A&M University as a pre-med major and finished with a BS in Entomology. After a stint of spraying houses and marketing pest control services for a national brand, she was hired by the local newspaper to sell advertising. That experience led her to begin an advertising agency and win numerous regional and statewide awards for creativity. One of her major clients was a research equipment company and that was her first experience in learning technical writing from the ground-up. During an economic downturn in Texas, however, the advertising agency was less viable and she took an unexpected opportunity to buy a small, specialized horse magazine. She spent the ensuing six or seven years working in the area of her passion and visiting horse farms in almost every state in the United States. For her, it was a dream to spend her time publishing stories about horses and the people who love them. At forty-years-old and expecting a child, she sold the magazine and started graduate school in English not even knowing MLA style – or any other style for that matter. Upon receiving my master’s degree in English from Texas A&M University, she began teaching and soon was invited to the Honors College as a lecturer in technical writing. Not long after that, she was recruited to join Texas A&M’s new start-up offshore campus in Qatar, a country in the Middle East, where she spent almost 12 years teaching composition and technical writing to engineering majors. Today, she is teaching composition, technical writing, and rhetoric for Wenzhou-Kean University. She has published several papers and presented at many major conferences in the US and internationally. In the end, she found her mission and enjoys riding herd on a large range of English language writers.