Mieke Paulsen Bahmer

Educational Background

Ph.D. – the Arts of Late Antiquity (Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey)

Master of Arts, Art History (early Medieval) – University of California, Riverside

Bachelor of Arts, Art History— California State University, San Bernardino


Born into a family of artists, singers, and stage designers, Dr. Bahmer spent her childhood surrounded by museum art catalogs,  Baroque operas, and Shakespeare plays. Throughout her youth, she studied performance, calligraphy, painting, set construction, lighting design, and costume design, always fascinated by the history and mythology of theatre, art, architecture, and design.
For the past fifteen years, Dr. Bahmer has shared her love of mythology and art history with students both old and young; she began by telling stories to five-year-old children before teaching art history at the university level, where her courses were popular with both traditional students and as part of outreach education in the community. Throughout her university studies and after, she gained over ten years of experience teaching in various universities throughout the United States.

Dr. Bahmer joined Wenzhou-Kean University in autumn of 2019, as a lecturer in the History of Design. When she isn’t teaching or researching, she explores the cultural heritage of China in general and Wenzhou in particular.

Research interests

Dr. Bahmer is a founding member of ILIVE, Interactive Learning in Virtual Reality at WKU. Her current project focuses on transitioning art historical pedagogy from a primarily lecture-based course structure to an integrated lecture-and-lab course, with virtual reality at the heart of the educational experience.

Selected Publications/scholarly and creative work

Presenter and narrator, “Find Wenzhou with Wenzhou Kean University” episode 2: Intangible Cultural Heritage.


AH 1700 – Art from Prehistory to the Middle Ages

AH 1701– Art from the Renaissance to the Modern World

AH 3760– Medieval Art and Architecture

GD 3030 — History of Visual Communication

GE 2025 — Research and Technology for Design

Forthcoming: Research and Technology for Architecture, Byzantine Art, Roman and Greek Art