Mohit Bhatara

Educational Background

Dr. Mohit Bhatara’s Academic qualifications include a Graduate Degree, a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology, and a Doctorate Degree in Psychology. He was a first-class student in graduation, during Master’s Degree, Post Graduate Diploma, and during Micro Master’s program. He participated in diverse extracurricular activities and won honours and awards in different domains during the undergraduate and post-graduate programs in his college years, which were under Panjab University, Chandigarh, and Amity University, Noida. The research journey was constructive which started as a student at Amity, then Mewar, and while working as a Non-Resident Post-Doctoral Researcher on a nationwide survey in India with Dr. Robinder Bedi’s Lab at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada, where he has served as a Non-Resident Post-Doctoral Researcher in the past. His academic journey started with the pursual of a Complementary Medicine credential. Other completed credentials include a Post Graduate Diploma in Rehabilitation Psychology with edX Micro Master’s program in Business Management from the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. He has completed Fellowship in Neurological Rehabilitation.


He is working as a faculty member in the Department of Psychology. He was involved in the instruction of post-graduate and undergraduate level courses in the past and guiding students. He has attended around 35 training courses & webinars, 14 CRE programs, 3 Faculty Development Programmes, 7 Academic Workshops, a few conferences, and poster presentations globally, like the educational activity on Introduction to Lifestyle Medicine conducted in Boston by the Department of Continuing Education, Harvard Medical School, USA. The presentation of research work for “A National Survey of Indian Counseling Psychologists” received a poster award from Division 52 (International Psychology) of the American Psychological Association. He has published around 29 scholarly contributions. Further, he then completed 8 other Certifications to enhance skills in the practice domain like Diploma in Clinical Counselling, Course in TESOL /TEFL, Course on Essentials of CBT: The Beck Approach, Course on Integrating CBT and Mindfulness Series by Beck Institute for Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Course on ACT as a Brief Intervention conducted by Dr. Russ Harris, Course on ACT for Beginners conducted by Dr. Russ Harris, Course on DBT Skills, conducted by Dr. Marsha Linehan & Course on Web education on Deafblindness Web Ed. (Db).Dr. Mohit Bhatara is Nominated as External Consultant Advisor for Community Service Project by Vice President for Research and Community Services (VPRCS) with a Public Academic Institution in Africa.

He has experience in academia, research, the clinical domain, the management domain, and as a consultant. He has worked as a management professional in the Wellness and Aesthetic Domain in India with a Corporate Hospitality group accredited with a 5 Star Rating. He worked in the UAE in the past with a JCI Accredited Hospital. He has served as Associate Professor in Africa with a public University and then served as Affiliate Faculty at Dr. Robinder Bedi’s Lab at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada. He has experience in consulting as a consultant and in research while he was in the UAE and India.

In academia, he has contributed as Secretary on the Course Designing Committee for Master’s Level Course, as a Member on the Committee for Initiating Research Journal in the Department, as a Secretary on the Committee for Initiating the Laboratory for the Psychology Department, and acted as a key person in facilitating MOUs between industrial park (companies) in Africa and the department in the University to support each other as research sharing center.He likes exploring global culture and has travelled globally to different countries. He would love to do simulation flying in his free time and return to single-engine aircraft if the situation permits.

He has valid memberships in different categories with the American Psychological Association, Fulbright Association, The 51 Ventures Fund 1, British Holistic Medical Association, International Society for Traditional, Complementary & Integrative Medicine Research. He has valid license as registered professional with Rehabilitation Council of India, had approved LOI to practice in the past with DHCC (UAE) with approved PSV and Chartered Membership with the British Psychological Society.

Research Interests

His current area of interest is in the Medicopsychological concept, focusing on applying different psychological principles to medicine. The concept of Lifestyle Medicine and Mental Health intrigues him.


Selected Publications

He published a total of 29 scholarly contributions. A few recent ones are:

Bedi,R.P.,&Bhatara,M.(2022).Characteristics of counselling psychology and counselling psychologists in Punjab,India.Indian Journal of Health and Well-being, 13(3),410-415.

Bedi,R.P.,Pradhan,K.,Kroc,E.,&Bhatara,M.(2021).Characteristics of counselling psychology and counselling psychologists in India:A larger scale replication of a nationwide survey.Psychological Studies,66(1),1-13.

Zabrea,T.,Tefer,B.,& Bhatara,M.(2021).Validation of family functioning questionnaire (FFQ) with a sample of parents of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Addis Ababa.Psychology and Education,58(2),6655-6665.

Zabrea,T.,Tefer,B.,&Bhatara,M.(2020).Impacts of positive parenting intervention on stress management of mothers having children with Intellectual Disability in Birhan Lehetsanat rehabilitation center,Addis Ababa.European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine,7(10),2110-2131.

Sisay,M.,Workineh,D.,Mengiste,A.,&Bhatara,M.(2019).Assessment of occupational burnout experiences and job satisfaction among secondary school teachers of Hawassa city.IOSR Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences,24(5),79-86.


Marriage and Family PSY 2640

Cross Cultural Psychology PSY 3000

Psychology of learning PSY3310

Psych Test and Measurement PSY4200

Prof Psych: Principles PSY 2000

General Psychology PSY 1000