Neil Hunt

Educational Background

Ed.D. (TESOL) – University of Exeter

M.Ed. (ELT) – University of Sheffield

PGCE (EFL/ESL) – University College of North Wales

Trinity Cert TESOL – Sheffield City Polytechnic

BA Hons (Drama & English) – Manchester Metropolitan University


After a few years working in theatre, Neil moved into the teaching of English as a Foreign Language.  Having begun teaching English language to young learners in Egypt, he has also worked as a mainstream primary and secondary teacher.  Neil spent 8 years working in Hong Kong where he worked as senior teacher for secondary courses at the British Council before moving into teacher education by teaching on CELTA & DELTA courses.  Neil spent 2 years as an English language lecturer at Hong Kong Polytechnic University before moving to the UAE where he worked in pre=service and in-service teacher education.

Research interests

Teacher education and professional development.  Teacher agency and social identities. Action Research and interpretive research in teaching institutions.

Selected Publications/scholarly and creative work

Hunt, N. (2021), Space & Identity in Teacher Education Action Research, Educational Action Research – in progress


Hunt, N. (2020), An Exploratory Study of Women Learners’ Identity & Investment in Learning English in the United Arab Emirates, English Language & General Studies Education in the Gulf: Research Perspectives, Coombe C., Hiasat, L. & Daleure, G. (eds.), New York: Springer


Hunt, N. (2014), Student Teacher Placements: A Critical Commentary, in Teacher Evaluation in Second Language Education, in Howard, A & Donaghue, H. (eds.) London: Bloomsbury


Hunt, N. (2012), Managing method: A critical inquiry into language policy in a tertiary institution in the United Arab Emirates, RELC Journal, 43/3, 295 – 311


ESL 0405

ENGL 1300