Nirisa Kristiana

Educational Background

M.A., Social Sciences in MITRA (Médiation interculturelle : identités, mobilités, conflits) ERASMUS , Université de Lille, France; KU Leuven, Belgium; and University College Cork, Ireland


M.A., French Literature (Littérature française, générale et comparée), Université de Haute-Alsace, France


Nirisa currently teaches French at WKU. She has lived in several European countries and has been teaching French for years.


After finishing her BA in French Language and Literature, she was granted a BGF scholarship from the French Government to pursue her Master’s degree in French Literature at Université de Haute-Alsace. Once graduated, she mainly contributed to the teaching of French as a foreign language and French for specific purposes in Indonesia. Then, in order to enhance her skill in class management, she went to study Intercultural Mediation as an Erasmus+ awardee, in France, Belgium and Ireland, where she found and developed interests in Migration, Identity, Globalization and Culture/ Interculturality.


In her daily life and/or in her spare time, she enjoys listening to the music, watching movies, reading, eating Pescatarian food, doing various sports and travelling.

Research interests

  • Teaching and learning of French
  • Interculturality
  • Multilinguism
  • Migration from Anthropological perspectives
  • Identity

Globalization and culture