Richard Torgerson

Educational Background

Ph.D. Cultural Foundations – 2017
School of Foundations, Leadership & Administration
Kent State University

Certificate in Advanced Mandarin – 2008
Heilongjiang University

M.A. Language Acquisition & Teaching – 2005
Brigham Young University

TESOL Certificate – 2004
Brigham Young University

B.A. Chinese – 2002
Brigham Young University


Dr. Richard C. Torgerson has over ten years of study in the areas of Chinese language & culture, China-US comparative education, language acquisition, and philosophy of education. He prepares students to utilize a blend of Chinese Confucian, Daoist & Western Liberal Arts orientations relevant to higher learning. His educational background includes an undergraduate degree in Mandarin Chinese, an MA in Language Acquisition, a certificate in Advanced Mandarin, a TESOL Certificate, as well as a PhD in Cultural Foundations. His interests include hiking, music, and spending time with his family.

Research Interests

Dr. Torgerson is currently working with WKU students on a research and writing project on the educational value of the Thousand Character Classic (千字文). He is an expert in language acquisition, Confucian relational learning and cultural foundations of education with additional interests and expertise in game-based learning, Daoist (Un)Learning, Jeffersonian Educational Principles, and in the overall influence of Ideas in Education, particularly key teaching and learning concepts derived from foundational research, texts and thinkers.

Selected Publications/scholarly and creative work

Torgerson, R.C. (2017). “Relational Learning in the Analects of Confucius: Exploring the Foundations, Practices and Purposes of Confucian Learning.” Doctoral Dissertation, Kent State University.


Torgerson, R.C. (2008). 中国忍比美国批判性思维好吗? 盛夏的果实二 零零八年夏季汉语研修项目学 生作文, 44-46. 中国黑龙江大学. Is Chinese-style ‘forbearance’ better than American-style ‘critical thinking’? The Fruits of a Flourishing Summer: Student Writings from the 2008 Summer Term Chinese Language Program. Harbin, China: Heilongjiang University.


Torgerson, R.C. (2005). Metamorphosis: The Problem and Potential of Classical Chinese Poetry. Studia Antiqua, 4(1), 81-89, Brigham Young University Press.


Torgerson, R.C. (2005). A Comparison of Beijing and Taiwan Mandarin Tone Register: An Acoustic Analysis of Three Native Speech Styles. Master’s Thesis, Brigham Young University.


Torgerson, R.C. (2002). The Quintessence of Tian in Classical Chinese Literature. The Journal of Undergraduate Research & Creative Activities, pages 452-453. Found at



COMM 1402 Speech Communication as Critical Citizenship
ESL 0303/0403 Academic Oral Discourse I & II
ENG 1300/1430 Composition for English Language Learners I & II
ENG 4123 Survey in Language Acquisition
GE 1000 Transition to Wenzhou-Kean University