Svetlana Vikhnevich

Educational Background

M.A. Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL), Northern Arizona University, USA
TESL Teaching Certificate, Northern Arizona University, USA
CELTA Teaching Certificate, Language Link International Language School, Shanghai, China
B.A. International Economics and English, Kemerovo State University, Russia


Lana Vikhnevich taught in Shenzhen, China for three years and got her CELTA teaching certificate in Shanghai. After receiving a Fulbright grant, she enrolled in the M.A. TESL program at Northern Arizona University (NAU). While working on her M.A. degree she received an honorary grant for women educators, Alpha Delta Kappa, and Edmund S. Muskie grant to participate in the summer internship at the Office of English Language Acquisition, the US Department of Education, Washington D.C. At NAU she was teaching the English enhancement class for Chinese visiting scholars to prepare students to write a peer reviewed article in their fields of study. She also helped students employ strategies for effective speaking, listening, reading, writing, and vocabulary development. She joined WKU as an ESL Lecturer in 2017.
Lana enjoys outdoor activities, such as hiking, biking, downhill skiing, and traveling.

Research interests

Faculty-Student Collaboration (i.e., Students as Pedagogical Consultants)
Power Posing as a Strategy for Public Speaking Preparation
Curriculum and Materials Development
Process Drama in ESL classes


ESL 0303 and 0403 (Oral Discourse)
ESL 0305 and 0405 (Written Discourse)
ENG 1300 (Composition for English Language Learners I)


May 2018 TEAL presentation on “Corpus of Contemporary American English use in
EAP classrooms” and poster on “Five+ activities that enhanced students’
motivation to study harder”, Vancouver, BC, Canada
April 2017 AZTESOL workshop on “Corpus of Contemporary American English use
in the language classroom”, Flagstaff, AZ, US
March 2017 TESOL presentation on “SOLD! Auctions in the Classroom”, Seattle,
Washington, US
October 2016 AZTESOL presentation on “Multiliteracy pedagogy through process
drama”, Yuma, AZ, US
June 2016 AZTESOL Newsletter publication. SOLD!: Auctions in the Classroom