Tildirim Emre Tarik

Educational Background

PhD in Communication Sciences, Social Sciences Institute, Department of Radio and Television, Marmara University. Istanbul TR


Master’s degree School of Education, Educational Media & Technology, Boston University. Boston USA


B.Sc. School of Mass Communication, Emerson College. Boston, USA


Dr. Tarik Emre Yildirim worked in various media outlets starting his media career at Paramount Studios’ Hard Copy Program (USA, Los Angeles), Cambridge Cable TV (USA, Boston). He worked at Dogus Medya in Turkey branch of the following media outlets; CNBC-e, NTVMSNBC, and National Geographic Magazine.


After receiving his Ph.D. in the field of Mass Communication Sciences he has been teaching in higher education in various countries in a time span of 15 years.

Research interests

Research Interests & Recent Accomplishments

In his research, Dr. T Emre Yildirim focuses on mass communication topics and issues from the perspective of psychology. He researches why we communicate what we communicate in news, advertisements, social media, and online gaming worlds. What makes us tune into the messages we choose to hear, click, see, and even take a role in the mediated message, as it is the case of advertisements, and online video games, are some of the questions he researches. Why do we enjoy and let these messages dominate our minds and thus our agenda? These are the phenomena and questions he focuses on in most of his research.


As an interdisciplinary research interest, Dr. Yildirim is working on a recently emerging sub-category of environmental journalism called geojournalism, a combination of data journalism, science, and citizen journalism. Geojournalism, being a cross-disciplinary kind of journalism Dr. Yildirim collaborates with colleagues in different fields of life sciences such as

geography and biology. His purpose is to develop a terminology for this new branch of journalism and prepare a curriculum to be used in higher education.

Selected Publications/scholarly and creative work

Single Writer Book

  • Ads That Touch Psychopathology: The Turkish advertising sector in terms of psychological processes at the beginning of the millennium iBooPress, London, UK. 2019 – 2020 First and Second Edition.

Chapter in Book

  • Visual Perception and Graphics, Design and Cinema. Section: “Survival Gaming as a Therapy: Positive Effects of Controversial Games” İstanbul EFE Academic Publishing, Pp. 56-73. June 2021.
  • Visual Arts and New Media. “Online Gaming as a Reflection Our Psychological Portrait: Minecraft as a Mirror of the Self” İstanbul EFE Academic Publishing, December 2020, 21-42.

Peer-Reviewed Conference

  • ‘Geojournalism’ – a Growing Movement of Journalism and its Application to Geography Education. IGU-CGE Conference 2021 Making Connections: Cooperation And Networking In Geographical Education. Abstract and presentation. Presentation with co-presenter. 13 August, 2021.
  • Infodemic as a Health Threat: How to Spot and Avoid Fake News. SCELS COVID-19 eSymposium, 2-4 February 2021 Journeying to the New Normal Reimagining Education, Environmental Sustainability & Public Heath in a Post Pandemic Bahamas. University of the Bahamas, single presenter. 4 February 2021.


Sections of following courses as of 2021-2022

  • Communication and Media Theory COMM 3720
  • Business and Professional Communication COMM 3590
  • Introduction to Mass Communication COMM 2503
  • Speech Communication as Critical Citizenship COMM 1402