Lou Minhui (Yuki):
Never regret the challenges of University life: from inspiration to real action

Major: Marketing

Graduate University: University of Warwick

Volunteer teaching in South Korea, live broadcasting from the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in Bonn, attending the General Assembly of the United Nations, and interning in the Policy Research Office of Wenzhou Government - Yuki’s university life is extremely fruitful.

As a freshmen, Yuki was a student assistant for the Student Career Development Center; she also was a Student Ambassador. Outside the university, she was a representative attending the 6th University Scholars Leadership Symposium in Hong Kong, and a participant of “Experiencing Survival” in Wuhan. She went to Ningbo Yangtze River Delta Business Forum in her sophomore year, and she spent two months in South Korea volunteer teaching. During her 2-month staying in South Korea, she also served as an interpreter for the ambassador of Mauritius and his wife for the 1st Asian International Short-Film Exhibition. Yuki traveled almost half of China with admission office’s staff conducting dozens of counseling sessions. Yuki has always kept herself occupied with different activities.

In February 2017, a recruitment announcement for the Youth Center Leadership Project to the United Nations Conference on Climate Change attracted her attention. The internet interview was hard to pass, but with excellent social and practical experience, Yuki successfully advanced to the face-to-face interview and eventually became one of the four representatives.

In her first semester in of her senior year, Yuki attended the General Assembly of the United Nations in New York while spending her term in New Jersey. She shared her everyday experiences during the meetings on the Wenzhou-Kean University official WeChat platform.

Yuki herself says “Everyone has his or her own responsibilities and duties in this age.” Attending two United Nation meetings, Yuki has learned about many social issues which are of significant international concern. She now is thinking more about the connection between the individual and the society with a more opened mind.

In General Assembly of the United Nations, she met CEO of Ant Financial, Ms. Peng Lei where they discussed “children’s education and women’s economic empowerment.” A Sri Lankan female scholar also shared a case about promoting gender equality among poor women in rural communities and traditional Sri Lanka plantations. This sharing stirred a strong interest in gender equality issues in Yuki’s heart.

Yuki started looking for data and cases to enrich herself with more information on gender equality issues which has kept her sharing positive thinking on this topic to others. In March, she and eight other Wenzhou-Kean University students went to Beijing to attend Women Economy Summit co-organized by SCHSAsia and the American Chamber of Commerce in China.

Yuki has received an offer from the University of Warwick, and she will be studying intercultural communication for business and professionals. She is not satisfied with just one degree and plans to study another graduate course related to gender problems. Yuki desires to anything she can and contribute every effort to promote progressive change for support of gender equality and gender recognition.

Author: Wang Shu