ZhouYixiao: I am master of my life.

Major: Accounting (with emphasis on international standards and practices) (B.S.)

Plan after Graduation: The Chinese University of Hong Kong

ZhouYixiao is a quiet girl with a sweet smile. She is an accounting major and is usually busy with reading report forms, calculating, and checking accounts, but her life is more than that. She is an excellent dancer, a member of the cheer leading squad, and a zealous traveler. To Zhou, the university provides a stage, on which she is both a director and a star. She believes that only we can direct our own wonderful film of life.

The American thinking style promoted by WKU was unacceptable to Zhou at first because she grew up studying in the traditional Chinese education system. It is common knowledge that time and experience can solve difficulties. Zhou began to read a lot of English materials and turned to faculty and students for help, through which she was eventually able to grasp and practice the new way of thinking.

When Zhou was a first-year student, she was invited to dance in the closing ceremony of the Han customs cultural festival. It was the first time she learned about Han dance and costume. After that, she began to learn Han dance and traditional Chinese dance through online videos, and she even uploaded her own original dance videos.

When she was an exchange student at Kean, she was invited to perform traditional Chinese dance in the exchange student party. After the dance, a Kean classmate embraced her. "He told me that he had never seen this kind of dance before, and he found it charming." That impressed Zhou. She felt that, except for Chinese Kongfu and Chinatowns, western people have few ideas about Chinese culture. “Chinses culture is extensive and profound. I want young people from other countries to know more about Chinese dance,” she exclaimed.

Zhou is an experienced traveler and traveled to the US, Belgium, Holland, Turkey, Israel, Jordan, South America and Japan during her four years at WKU. To Zhou, travel is the best way to know the world.

Zhou said that the four years at WKU provides students a complete American learning environment while still giving time for the study of Chinese culture, and she appreciates both. Thanks to the combination of two cultures, she has opportunities to expand her horizon about the world.

Zhou chose Hong Kong as her next destination because it is a transfer station for global commerce, where one can experience multiple cultures. She chose the master program in social science in the global political economy at the Chinese University of Hong Kong where students mainly study the market economy from the point of view of different economic contexts and cultural diversity. Zhou said, “I am looking forward to it. I want to jump out of the current circularity of life and become immersed in different cultures. I may meet more opportunities and experience a more wonderful life.”

Author: Wang Shu