Ding Yiqian:
Hold on, the whole world will make way for you.

Major: Finance (international finance option)

Plan after graduation: Washington University in St. Louis

Ding Yiqian is a finance student from the class of 2018 who is about to graduate from Wenzhou-Kean University. As graduation approaches, Ding Yiqian has received offers for graduate study from four universities: Columbia University, Washington University in St. Louis, Australian National University, and The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

“My motto is if I fail this time, I will hold on for another month, because no one knows what will happen next month.” Her 3.94 GPA was achieved through her efforts. When she first entered Wenzhou-Kean University, many students were not accustomed to learning in an environment where English is the medium of instruction, and Ding Yiqian was also the same. Not being accustomed to the environment made it even more difficult for her to learn all the specialized vocabulary in technical courses. However, she was a smart girl. To build a good foundation, first she persistently read Chinese books in her major field and gradually expanded her vocabulary.

Due to her tenacity, Ding Yiqian got 710 in GMAT. The average GMAT score in China is 585.

Her persistence was not only directed towards her study but also towards her personal life. She insisted on exercising during all four years in university.

Her GPA and numerous experiences looked impressive on her resume and graduate school applications. On campus Research Day, she presented an analysis of the Alipay platform. Additionally, she worked as an intern in the loan departments of both ICBC (Industrial and Commercial Bank of China) and BEA (Bank of East Asia). Moreover, with the help of a tutor, she studied the FICC (Fixed income, Currencies & Commodities) of Morgan Stanley, a London, UK company. Having this much internship experiences provided Ding Yiqian with knowledge and experience that she could never learn from textbooks.

Her internship experiences caused her to think more about the direction of her career. “I find that using interest rate spreads to conduct international currency transactions is interesting and I hope I can work in this field."

Di Yiqian’s thoughts changed a lot during her four years in Wenzhou-Kean University. Through studies, activities, and internships, she made many friends from all over the world. She likes to communicate with friends and experience the interchange of ideas. Studying abroad for a master’s degree will be her first step to go into the world. In the second semesters of her junior year, Ding Yiqian went to Kean University as an exchange student. During this trip, she met enthusiastic and friendly Americans, enjoyed a comfortable life, and experienced the world’s top education resources.

Ding Yiqian chose Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri as the place she will do her graduate studies. She hopes to work as an intern in the United Sates after graduation and take a formal job a year later. “If you stay where you are, you will never know what the outside world looks like, and how it can polish you.”

Author: Yu Ziqi