Lu Lu: A girl dedicated to research

Major: Computer Science

Plan after Graduation: Not Decided

22-year-old Lu Lu had a very different university life than other female students. She chose to specialize computer programming during her four years as a student. She has two publications now, and she is determined to be a PhD in the future.

Lu Lu said she never thought about what she really wanted. However, four-year university life taught her to think about her real interests which turns out to be doing research.

She is most interested in exploring ways of applying them to scientific areas to produce effects that can achieve more than expected. In her Junior year, a cloud clinic platform project was given to her. This project was started by a few WKU students who graduated in 2017; as the leader of the new project team, Lu lu has been improving it since then.

The new project team cooperated with Wenzhou Makepower Electronics Co., Ltd.; they developed the local electronic medical record system into an electronic record system based on cloud storage. On this basis, a recommendation system was installed to provide patients with drug recommendations and accessorial diagnosis functions auxiliary diagnostic functions.

“After doctors entering the patient’s symptoms, the system will provide a possible disease diagnosis based on the patient’s symptoms and disease’s effect. It can assist doctors with diagnoses and reduce the error rate. With our research project’s achievement, medical data can be shared beyond one hospital. Hospitals using this system can store all their data on the cloud for sharing which can greatly reduce the cost of IT maintenance.” Lu lu said.

In November 2017, Lu lu and her major classmate Hu Sunhao brought their research achievement to Kansas City to participate in the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers) conference,which is one of the most authoritative academic research conferences in bioinformatics and biomedicine studies.

As an undergraduate researcher, Lu lu’s excellent presentation received much praise from attending professors and scholars.

Lu lu also experienced more in her journey to Kansas City. They also went to the headquarter of Cerner Corporation, which is one of the leading electronic medical companies in the United States. The U.S. has the most advanced electronic medical system in the world, which made Lu lu realize that computers have a much wider application in electronic medical treatment.

After returning to the university, she participated in biology professor Meng Yu’s project focuses on computer simulating the toxic mechanism of peptides. Their paper has just been accepted to 40th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society.

Two research experiences helped her to determine her future. She plans to do further research in clinic informatics and bioinformatics.

Lu lu has received offers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the University of Michigan--Ann Arbor, the University of Minnesota Twin City, and an offer to pursue a PhD at Arizona State University.

It is never an easy thing to conduct scientific research. Although traveling on a rough road, Lu lu walks with a firm and clear mind.

Author: Tang Jinyu