Zhu Kaiwei:
Design, is my second language!

Major: Graphic Design

Plan after Graduation: University of New South Wales, Design Major

As one of the first class of graduated students from Wenzhou-Kean University, for the past four years, Zhu Kaiwei has become a design expert from a beginner. She grew up a lot in her four-year design learning life, so as the Graphic Design major in Wenzhou-Kean University.

She thinks designing is art that serves the majority, and she loves to express her ideas and opinions through different design work. Designing has become Zhu Kaiwei’s second language.

Zhu Kaiwei also experienced confusion when she just became a Graphic Design student. She was never an art student before, and there were not many major design courses but some general English courses in her freshman year. Until the Typograph design class in sophomore year, Zhu Kaiwei really came into contact with the design. The first thing she needed to learn is how to arrange a poster well.

Though they have printing devices, the professor asked the students to draw the poster first. She had to picture out every detail on two pieces of A3 size paper for everything, and they had to redo the work even one mistake occurred. She was, like other students, quite confused about this requirement at the beginning. However, she gradually realized that by drawing she was developing a better understanding of front, word size, and balancing in design.

As exposed to more designing courses, Zhu Kaiwei started to know advertisement, Animation design, and other class. She kept practicing her skills professionally. In her point of view, designing is art that serves the majority and the society. she tried to express herself to the outside world by her designing work.

Noticing that the population of depression is expanding as more people are under great social pressure, Zhu Kaiwei designed a series poster of “depression”. She learned from previous detailed surveys that the causes of depression vary from different social identities. According to this survey, she used different colors and characters to design this serious of works, appealing to the society to pay more attention to this vulnerable group.

She also designed logo for Protection of Tibetan antelope to ask more attention on this issue.

She believes excellent designing is not about creating but about the process to discover. Inspiration can be accumulated by knowledge and experience, she realizes.

“Graphic design is my major, but I won’t limit myself in this area. I need to know other skills. So I am trying to build my self-study ability to learn more other design software.” She believes, designing is developing, so learning shall never stop.

Now, Zhu Kaiwei has received offer from University of New South Wales, and she is waiting for the offer from University of the Arts London. For the plan after graduation, Zhu Kaiwei thinks there are many areas she can apply her Graphic Design skills, so she will not harsh to focus on a specific area. She will absorb as much new knowledge as possible in graduation study about designing to create more opportunity for her future.

Author: Cui Wenjia