Zhou Yilun:
Make Friends with Ping-pong and Become a Better Person

Major: Accounting (with emphasis on international standards)

Plan after Graduation: The University of Melbourne

During four years in Wenzhou-Kean University (WKU), Zhou Yilun, who majors in accounting, established the WKU Ping-pong Association and led the school team to the Zhejiang Province College Students Ping-pong Championships for the top 8 schools. At the same time, he studied hard. He earned a Freshmen Scholarship and also won the Dean’s Scholarship (Academic, Leadership, Sports) several times. In addition, he was elected to the Student Council when he was a junior.

For Zhou Yilun, the university is like a Ping-pong competition. With his tenacity and hard work, he will end his university life by putting a spin on the ball.

When he was a sophomore, Zhou Yilun established the first Ping-pong Association at WKU. When talking about the reasons why he did that, he said one reason was his love for Ping-pong and he also desired to let more people know about WKU and its students through Ping-pong.

Creating something from nothing is never easy. In order to establish the Ping-pong Association, Zhou Yilun did almost all the preparation work: writing Association Principals in Chinese and English, getting the permission of different departments, recruiting new members and organizing activities. Complex application procedures did not reduce his passion to establish the Ping-ping Association and a school team.

His team reached the semifinals of the Wenzhou College Students Ping-pong & Badminton Competition. Further they took second place in the men's division of the Wenzhou Division of Chinses College Students Ping-pong League, the first in the mixed division in the Wenzhou College Freshmen Ping-pong Championships and eighth place of the mixed doubles in the Zhejiang Province College Students Ping-pong Championships. Ping-pong Association was elected as the Five-star Club with the hard work of the whole team in 2017.

Besides doing well in the club, Zhou Yilun kept did well in academics and won academic scholarships several times. His name always appeared on the Dean’s List which honors excellent students every year.

“Once I start doing something, I will try my best.” This is the principal Zhou Yilun set for himself.

“Ping-pong is a sport which can make me relaxed, and I focus the rest of my time on studying.” Writing down the time for every assignment and exam on the calendar and starting to prepare for exams two weeks in advance is the method Zhou Yilun has followed for four years.

“WKU is a small society. I met many challenges and got many opportunities.” Reflecting on the four years in WKU, Zhou Yilun said sincerely that it was the diverse and opened environment that changed him from introvert to being open to others. He became more mature and wished to communicate with others more often.

When talking about his plans after the graduation, Zhou Yilun said he has chosen to study in a graduate program at the University of Melbourne. In the future, he will try his best and be sincere and tenacious.

Author: Li Yue