Zhao Jialu (Cathy):
Go Where the Heart Leads with No Hesitations

Major: International Accounting

Future Job: Instructor of TOEFL in New Oriental School

“When I look back, the failures and successes that I have tasted merge to form what I am now and what I will be in the future,” Cathy Zhao said with deep emotion as she recalled the past four years in Wenzhou Kean University (WKU).

“Finding different directions for different students” is part of what WKU advocates in its school ideology.

Cathy first came to WKU from Henan as a beginner in spoken English. She still remembers when she took her first English class. “Through out the whole class, I understood nothing except the name and the nationality of the professor,” said Cathy.

However, due to her unyielding spirit, she never lost heart. Starting in August, she practiced for nearly four months until November when she signed up for a campus English Speech Contest, as a way to force herself to step out onto the platform and speak in public.

After that English Speech Contest, she began helping professor Nikita who is in the College of Liberal Arts, translate ancient Chinese poetry. Further, she became an Admission Ambassador and started teaching speech classes at Wenzhou Experimental Middle School as a student teacher Cathy was chosen to be one of the outstanding graduates this year, who spoke to hundreds of people in English: “I enjoy the time when I am on the stage very much, especially, when the audience shows their appreciation and affirmation which makes me more confident.”

In the beginning, Cathy judged other students only on their grades in high school. However, her thinking gradually changed while interacting with classmates and foreign professors at WKU from different parts of the world.

In the summer vacation of her freshman year, a classmate persuaded her to go on an adventure. She went aboard and deeply explored Australia, where she spent 48 days on a work exchange. It was because of this 48-day exploration that she decided to experience her future with a more optimistic and more open mindset.

During the summer holiday of her third year, Cathy happened to notice a job posting from New Oriental school in Xi’an. She made up her mind to try and submitted her resume. In the final round of interviews, all her competitors were returnees who have gotten their master degrees in language majors. Attributing to her years of public speaking experience, she managed to get the job at New Oriental School.

Cathy recently got an offer from the Australian National University in Applied Linguistics for her Master Degree. However, she decided to work first. Working in New Oriental School, she hopes to find out her shortcomings and what she wants to study in the future. Then she will apply to graduate school again. “In doing so,” said Cathy, “ I should be clearer about what I want to do.”

Author:Li Yue
Translated by Zhang Cui/Lavender
Checked by Gary Linebarger