Editor’s note:

How wonderful can youth be?

While collecting graduating students’ stories, we have witnessed manypossibilities:

Among these students, one went to the United Nations and had dialogues withleaders from various countries. Two students presented their papers in front ofscholars outstanding in their fields. One has returned from the steppes of Africa andcontinues to promote wildlife protection. One has traveled through more than tencountries during his four years of university life.We are both impressed by their wisdom and courage, and their passion to interact withsocieties of the world, expressing their concerns and opinions.

Wenzhou-Kean University is dedicated to the principle of “providing studentswith different ways to develop”. Following this principle, these students haveresolved challenges by their hard work, and found their future directions.

The ten stories we present here are just a glimpse of the class of the 2018. It is ourintention, by sharing these stories, to inspire more WKU students to pursuit theirdreams and explore possibilities in their life.

And, to the class of 2018:

Graduation is not an end.

It is beginning of the rest of your life.

Editor: Wenzhou-Kean University Media and Design Center